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  1. I got an A Hahaha were we? Lol, i don't remember but that deffo sounds like something I would be doing
  2. Whereabouts have you applied to?
  3. Maths The term proper degree probably wasn't the best... I mean a traditional subject, you know?
  4. Hello

    Sorry for the really (really) late response back. I think maths at uni was what I expected. It's mainly more deep thought and *******s that are not so obvious to the eye. There is a step up from A Level, but at Kings a couple of the modules were there to ease the transition from A Level to degree level maths.

    In terms of new modules, personal favourites are dynamical systems (which looks at differential rates in systems ranging from Kepler's laws of motion to the amount of fish in a pond). On my course, we do a whole module in stats and mainly most of my mechanics is used in astrophysics :yep: What other offers do you have?
  5. Duuude, where have you gone? I was enjoying the Physics game lmao :p:
  6. Awesome

    I do International A-Levels so the set-up is a bit different - for A Level Maths I do two Pure Maths papers, one in AS and one in A2, and I did Statistics 1 last year and I'm doing Mechanics 1 this year. Can't say I like Mechanics very much :P

    My AS grades were A in Maths, B in Business and C in Economics. I resat Economics and the results come out in like a week and I'm so worried that I got a C again! I'm predicted A in Maths and Bs in Economics and Business although just like you I know I can do better
  7. Cool! I would have love to have done Further Maths but they don't offer it at my school
    How were your AS grades? And what are you predicted?
  8. Maths, Economics and Business Studies! What about you?

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