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  1. Preclinical anatomy teaching has changed a lot. It started changing just before a came to B'ham, and has continued too since. The mode of assessment and method of teaching has completely changed, so clearly, they're trying to make it better!

    Academic support is another thing that I've seen really change. In my first year we got very little feedback (apart from a few formative assessments, but even then the feedback was given to us as a group, not individuals). Now, I know that after my OSCE this year I'll get the breakdown of my score for each station, including my strengths and where I lost marks.

    Subject communicated in an interesting way? Well in the first two years the core method of subject delivery is by lectures. The quality of these lectures varies massively depending on the lecturer, and a wide range of lecturing styles are used - from reading off a powerpoint slide, to using a live overhead projection, who wants to be a millionaire ask the audience style interaction, Dr Who clips(!), and more.

    All the lecture material is supplemented by tutorials is small groups of about 15-20 people.

    I don't know whether this is "interesting" method of delivery (it was the content that made things interesting for me) but it works, and we learn it, and we pass the exams.
  2. I'd say general work (as in throughout the year) is harder than Bio with History, simply for the essays. Come exam time, however, I'd say Biology was harder as there is actually a lot of stuff to revise, whereas with History it's already been thumped into you from all the essays you've written over the year.

    Hope that helps in some way!
  3. Hi mandeep,

    1) Not really, as long as you were relatively good at GCSE Maths, you should be fine. It's mostly just rearranging equations, deriving equations and some logarithms (all of which you should either have done already at GCSE, or can learn fairly easily alongside the topics that need them).

    2) The most time consuming part of AS History was just the essays really. Writing at least two thousand word essays a week could be challenging at times, especially alongside the sciences, but I managed it okay.
    I find memorising dates, places and events really easy personally, though, so it might be harder for someone who needs to drill them into their head the hard way.
    Revision was actually fairly easy, I just compressed the knowledge that I needed on to two sides of A4 (memorising the rest), and then went and nailed the exams pretty much.

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