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  1. Ah that's lucky! Thank you and good luck and I hope you enjoy Bath and yes maybe
  2. Ah Bath is amazing, I would have potentially applied if it wasn't for the A* that they suddenly asked for... you'll enjoy it though as the civil and architecture are even more integrated than at Southampton! Yeah hopefully I'll get the grades
  3. Hi, yeah I chose Southampton in the end, I think it was the architecture that swung it for me in the end
  4. =/ I will certainly miss them, but I am going to return back on Easter weekend breaks etc. Also technology is improved we can chat and see each other via Skype .
    Haha, I dont want to be self catered too, I just wrote it as an insurance and it is very close to the Pharmacy Department.
  5. =/ There is still a chance of getting in there. If you won't , which would you apply for ?
    I agree with you that their communications are not very good.
    Well, I am not sure if I understood your question correctly, but I am looking forward to studying in Bath .
  6. Yeah, I applied to Marlborough and Solsbury Court and also wrote my second and third choices which are Woodland and Polden Courts as more information.
    I've only recieved a thank you e-mail for submitting the accommodation application request.
    Waiting for another email about which accommodation I would stay.
    ( But I don't know if they are going to send me an email like this. )
    What about you?
  7. I am from North Cyprus
    Huh, your offers are pretty high as you said, but I am sure you can get the required grades.
    I am doing biology, chemistry and maths.
    What subjects do you do for civil & architectural engineering ? If you are doing maths too, then it will not be difficult to get A*.
  8. Well, 2 universities of my choices have invited me for an interview but as I dont live in the UK, it would be difficult to come considering the cost of travelling etc.. (so they withdrawn my application ).

    I could choose either Manchester or Bath as firm, offering AAB. ( Reading, offering ABB as insurance )

    I got 6.5 in IELTS. The required grade is 7 at Manch. I asked if they accept 6.5 in IELTS and AAB in A level but they said that I have to retake the exam.

    I dont want to retake the exam, giving extra money. I am doing a levels so IELTS is not very important

    By this way, I made Bath as my firm choice and Reading as insurance.

    What are you going to study? and what is your offer?
  9. Hello I have firmed Bath too, but for pharmacy

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