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  1. I just did the paper. what the hell with the chromium stuff. was stuck for ages
  2. I have no idea what half of that meddage meant, are you asking me something or telling me something? I'm doing a practice paper (if I can find it) from 6-8, I'm dreading it.
  3. I've been avoiding that question. I havent got around to doing those type of questions yet. I'm focusing on pH then that. think it may take me about half an hour to do that question
  4. I'm bored of exams full stop. In chemistry it's always silly mistakes that make me lose a ridiculous amount of marks.
    do we have to know all the colours? I just thought we have to know the complex ion colours?

    Compendium, had to google that
  5. I've almost given up on F215, tryna focus on F325. Gonna have a mssive cram session following the chem exam. you?
  6. Your username makes me laugh...

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