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  1. Hi..
    I have an interview at Bradford tomorrow and I was just wondering if you have any advice on what to expect....
    What type of questions to expect and what were the interviewers like?
    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. ChrisJ
  3. hi did u got my quote thanks
  4. did you get my quote
  5. ChrisJ
    i) The order is 1st with respect to H2, so doubling [H2] will double the rate.

    its like rate = k[H2][NO]^2 Ignore K and :
    rate = 2 x 1^2

    ii) the order is second WRT NO, so halving [NO] will rate = 1 x (1/2)^2
    overall that's x 1/4

    iii) Increasing both by 4x :

    rate = (4) x (4)^2 = 64

    That help?
  6. chris please help me with a question ?
    question 1)b) the three about half and double conc e.t.c how do u work them out?
  7. I don't have the spec anymore but I don't think it does, in any case now you know you can use it if you need to
  8. Was it you who was talking to me about temperature and rate constant yesterday?
    It turns out OCR want us to be able to qualitatively describe what happens to the rate constant when temp increases. (It's in the spec.)

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