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    Weill Cornell Medical College
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    Don't believe in it
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    I'm a 4th year medical student at Cornell Medical College. I take great pride in that; but that's probably due to the fact that being a medic there has taken everything else in my life away from me. I'm not bitter though, I'm just, errm, whatever.

    I am particularly fond of good conversations; especially if they're not realted to Mr. Smith's post-op notes; or Mrs. Jenkin's discharge medications.

    Lure me with a drink, and the promise of a good, fun time, and I'm all yours.

    Oh, and one more thing. Free food, and high-speed internet tickle my fancy.
    Academic Info
    Upcoming: Neurology NBME - April 28th
    Sub-Internship in Internal Medicine, NYPH - May
    Sub-Internship in Surgical Intensive Care, NYPH - June

    Let's see.

    IGCSE's: I got mostly A*'s (Just like every other 'tard on here). Exceptions were First Language English (B) and First Language Arabic (U).

    AS/A2: I got all A's in my subjects. Aren't I smart? :rolleyes:

    I did got my BSc in Premedical sciences, with a minor in psychology. :woo:

    I did my MCAT in 2006. I did well enough to be offered a position in Weill Cornell Medical College.

    I sat my USMLE Step 1 in August 2009. I scored extremely well.

    So far, in my clinical years, I've sat, and passed the following National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) examinations:

    Pediatrics NBME
    Ob/Gyn NBME
    Internal Medicine NBME
    Surgery NBME + Elective in Cardiothoracic Sugery
    Neurology NBME: Coming up on April 28th.
    Primary Care/Family Medicine: Not taken
    Psychiatry: Not taken

    USMLE Step 2 CK/CS are coming up this year. Exact dates TBD.
    Cool stuff

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