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  1. haha I just saw this message. too bored?
  2. Seeing as you have the best grades in Cambridge stalking page, I would like to know what experience you have in medicine (what did you put in PS etc.?)
  3. Oh darn sorry to hear that, I got rejected from Edinburgh too, and Notts and Leicester - only given offers by RCSI and King's. But what courses did you apply for in America? That route to medicine is gonna be sooo long =/ that's what put me off North America - but I understand in your case where your country is picky in terms of recognition of your degree Which colleges did you apply to, if you don't mind me asking?
  4. Ahh that's cool =) I hope you get your next preference though! You should possibly hear from Edinburgh by end of month at least
  5. Hehe thank you And yeap, I firmed it! From what I gather on the blog, you've firmed King's too yeah?
  6. Got an offer from King's today =) worked out fine afterall =D
  7. Haha well yes, RCSI basically is the only one from Ireland I really know of, to be honest. And wait, you're not in Malaysia right now? (with the freezing fingers) Where are ya?
    And yes, i shall hope for the best! =D
  8. Ahh Edinburgh - just that it's quite a bit colder than London imo. I actually applied there but got rejected because my qualifications weren't accepted for medicine there - which I was so baffled as to how I could let that happen as I was soooo sure that I had inquired about acceptance of my exams from before, but oh well hehe ...I didn't really mind seeing that I eventually felt that I can't really see myself studying there anyway

    I'm really hoping that King's is it for me though, I'd be content if what you feel turns out to be true for me

    Haha and RCSI is the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland - probably the most expensive med school in the world =/ but back in the day, a lot of ppl from my country went there to study med sooo they have a good history of accepting us. Have a couple friends who applied there like me too =p
  9. Oh no! Sorry to hear bout that, but I'm glad you're taking it in a positive light

    So I'm guessing you'd firm King's huh? And yes, not being rejected to me is probably good news hehe thanks but we shall see. I did see cases like your friend's on TSR where people were rejected day after - quite harsh if I must say =(

    Even if KCL doesn't work out for me, I had an interview with RCSI last tuesday in my home country could be an option if anything
  10. Hey! Long time no speak! How have you been keeping and how was your UCL interview? I really hope it went well. I didn't really particularly like how mine went, but I'm still waiting to hear from them - this Thursday will make it 2 weeks. Not really bugging myself too much though, what is to happen will happen, and with reason =)

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