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  1. Aww that's a shame! Well as you said, at least he got UCL so can't be bad

    And waw UCL is tight on interview dates! But I guess it's not so bad if you don't mind the extra trip lol. But I don't like flying to London haha mainly for the reason that my neck always feels broken after that longgg drawn out 10 hour flight.

    Lately I havent been preparing as much as I was a few weeks ago, I've been so caught up with school work which is alllll of a sudden piling in when I'm getting ready to go to London sigh. But I'll be mega preparing tomorrow onwards after I get some work outta the way!

    Otherwise, I think I'm more or less set - I wrote down all my thoughts for my work experiences, questions like why medicine n why king's etc... Just to run them over.

    Only thing that's at the back of my mind is how long my interview form is, I wasnt too sure how far back i should go but...I put in a couple things from even '01 and '05, would you say thats alright? In total my form is 4 pages long!

    All the best again for UCL! I'd imagine you're leaving tomorrow-ish
  2. Hey congrats im a hopeful medic and having a bit of a crisis choosing my a levels just wondering what you did thankss
  3. Further maths i hear is crazy stuff so an A* sounds like some pretty tough conditions! But Im sure he'd make it happen - i mean he got an offer from Cam after all, so thats quite a deal!

    I'm leaving on the 30th for my interview at King's on the 2nd :P But waw! That means this is your 2nd trip to england just for interviews - were they not able to coordinate your interviews to be within one small time period to save u this trip?

    Thanks for the good luck wishes though! And ofcourse same to you on at UCL Are you nervous? Regardless, you'd do great! Im sure u dnt need me to tell u that :P
  4. No worries man; matter of fact I just came on here too after a week, the Cambridge rejection has turned me into a tyrant to murder my A2 results!

    Not yet man, same position as before, hbu?
  5. Damn =( sorry to hear bout Cam. I had 5 friends who got interviews for different subjects and not ONE got through =/

    You're still yet to have your UCL interview though? Although it's one of the best med schools in UK, I somewhat wasn't drawn to it when i visited - didn't like the environment nor the distance of most of the accommodation sites =( so i didn't bother applying there, which saved me having to do BMAT =p

    I think im feeling a lot better about my interview though! But I'd know my nervousness would peak on the day haha but I'd live =)

    I'm guessing the main reason you'd choose UCL over KCL is because it's higher up in the ranks?
  6. Hey!

    Been some time that we've last messaged, how are youu??
    I meant to ask a while back but - what are your other uni choices? I hope you're getting through with them. King's your 1st? :P
  7. Ahh damn sorry to hear that man They didn't give you another interview after the pool?
    And I'm doing alright haha, hope your keeping well too
  8. Thanks man; saw your score on the stalking page and it's solid! I swear you are my Malaysian counterpart (Or Korean since you live in Malaysia but I sort of picked up you were Korean?)

    Oh wow how have you done your A2s already? :eek:
    And that's fair enough, really feel for you int'l's as you have military obligations and what not, tough times man.

    Thanks man, gonna work so hard this year! Keep me updated with your app
  9. I hope you have good luck with the pooling!

    And yeah definitely, all depends on my A2 UMS. Last year for AS I ended up with a 96% Average with little to no effort, so I am starting A2 revision 5 months early and if I achieve 97%> UMS then I will re-apply Hbu?
  10. Ahh get in! So still in with a shot
    I see what you mean bro, they just put you through so much!

    True say, and I guess haha, now time to focus on A2s for June, see the results in August, then see if it is worth re-applying to Cambridge

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