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  1. (Original post by Blind Ferret)
    It's all lies, she's a deviant. not to bed trusted. She's the single worst pirate I've ever heard of.
    :rofl: I'll have you know Grave Of The Fireflies is my favourite animation ever! much as I love my freaky **** :laugh:
  2. :poke: Byee! lol
  3. Ahhh, I never wear makeup, so you don't have to put up with the taste,, it's alright
  4. *takes back comment*
  5. Well, I'm glad not many situations like that exist...
    Slightly scared now.
  6. I would say, but most people react a bit like :erm: :lolwut: Hah :lol: Sleep well!
  7. It's true, that does work quite well. Well, I mean I don't know about not googling anything with it at the end, just not Spongebob...never Spongebob. Scarred for life, I wouldn't recommend it :nooo:
  8. Hah. Yeah I knew what I was getting myself into really, googling "dinosaur hentai", but I felt it had to be done. Googled Spongebob hentai a while back after someone mentioned it in jest, Spongebob ruined FOREVER. Hahahahaha timeofthemonth-asaurus. They're not all that different from us human females then :moon:
  9. How do you know they didn't have milk?! And men don't have milk but still have nipples...oh lordy, the image of dinosaurs with massive jugs is hilarious. Had to google it, lots of weird **** out there. Hilarious that people have actually thought "yeah, I think I'm gonna draw some dinosaurs with massive titties".
  10. I would assume that she (or he!) is rubbing their nipple, but then I'm not too sure where the nipples are on a dinosaur. I'd have to contact a palaeontologist to find that one out. Yeah, I mean they're quite clearly enjoying themselves anyway. It's good to be passionate about your job.

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    About me? ****, I just wanna make you laugh, despite being some depressed, cynical ******** like myself. I don't know what I want to do, and I'm glad. I'd rather accept my mistakes and just see how I take opportunities as they come. If I find a passion I'll peruse it like a shark after blood, but until then...

    I'll continue being difficult, I love you all, I'll hate you all and I'll probably envy you all at some point.

    But oh well, I'm not here to make you all like me,

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