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  1. aha... yea you go do that... think a beard will suit me?? :P hehe... erm, you could pretend you were a deer before christmas and at reindeer crimbo...
    you could just have a healthy obsession with deer... :s
  2. sorry its taken haha... what if I wanted manly hair... on second thoughts, ill stick to antlers... haha
  3. Well we can't all have man hair So i opted for antlers! haha
  4. Mate check posts in the vagina thread. I'm in tears here.
  5. Thanks for the picture comment
  6. Tilly-Elizabeth
    I don't think I ever have. Have you?
  7. I think I got 64 thumbs up and then another 50 thumps up not long since. Didn't change the red gems one bit.

    I'd like to think I'm not ignorant. I like to play Devil's Advocate from time to time. And I collect things, I collect bits of information.
  8. I love your About Me!
  9. I like Slaughterhouse. They're definitely taking a lot more time constructing this album - the last one was done in 6 days, and with executive production from Em and songs that supposedly should have more replay value, it can't be anything but a significant improvement from their last effort.

    I think they're definitely going to cater to their core fan base but they are also branching out for radio play with songs like My Life.

    I feel like they're all maturing as artists too and they're more concerned with making well crafted songs now rather than just pure rapping on a beat. I hope that the album reflects this.
  10. Hylean
    I'm a pagan. Don't belong to any specific denomination, though I'd be closest Wiccan, probably, but I tend not to associate myself with them.

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    About me? ****, I just wanna make you laugh, despite being some depressed, cynical ******** like myself. I don't know what I want to do, and I'm glad. I'd rather accept my mistakes and just see how I take opportunities as they come. If I find a passion I'll peruse it like a shark after blood, but until then...

    I'll continue being difficult, I love you all, I'll hate you all and I'll probably envy you all at some point.

    But oh well, I'm not here to make you all like me,

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