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  1. Yeah, I'm pretty sure talking about some neck loving so early on would earn you a nice slap. What do you mean? Bitches love chat up lines. This one would most definitely work: 'was your arse forged by Sauron?'

    Because it is PRECIOUS. :cool: :smug:

    Would work every time. Unless she didn't like LOTR. And in that case, well, why would anyone want to be with someone who didn't like LOTR anyway.
  2. Yeah the last line is perhaps too good. Mind, I'm not sure I'd be cool if someone's initial chat up line included licking my neck. It's ever so slightly forward.
  3. Hahahaha. Yeah tell a girl that her moustache is very well groomed and you're in mate. Or tell her that you'd like to lick her neck hairs.
  4. Mhm. Yeah same here. I dunno, life is too short to be stressing about what other bellends think. What do you mean? I am a woman, can confirm we love being told we're hairy bitches. Use it as your next chat up line actually. Works 100% of the time, sometimes.
  5. I'm just pretty neutral, man. Being opinionated on here gets you nowhere anyway. Except into a lot of arguments. And I'm too lazy for arguments. And thanks. When people ask me in the future to describe myself I'll just be like 'well, think of me as your nipple hairs...'
  6. aha... yea you go do that... think a beard will suit me?? :P hehe... erm, you could pretend you were a deer before christmas and at reindeer crimbo...
    you could just have a healthy obsession with deer... :s
  7. sorry its taken haha... what if I wanted manly hair... on second thoughts, ill stick to antlers... haha
  8. Well we can't all have man hair So i opted for antlers! haha
  9. Mate check posts in the vagina thread. I'm in tears here.
  10. Thanks for the picture comment

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    About me? ****, I just wanna make you laugh, despite being some depressed, cynical ******** like myself. I don't know what I want to do, and I'm glad. I'd rather accept my mistakes and just see how I take opportunities as they come. If I find a passion I'll peruse it like a shark after blood, but until then...

    I'll continue being difficult, I love you all, I'll hate you all and I'll probably envy you all at some point.

    But oh well, I'm not here to make you all like me,

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