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  1. Is that you in the profile avatar??? :hmmmm:
  2. oh-my-diddy
    Lol sorry got some space now
  3. My exams start on the 15th and finish on 27th June. gonna be awfuuul! hah well i'm not decided yet, i'm hoping i'll find some new passion during A-levels so that I can decide on a Career! OOh is that International Law or something? My mates wanna do that, it sounds really cool! Hah well it's gonna be you that spends most of your life doing the job though!

    Well atleast it'll get you to diet! I always tell myself i'm going to diet in summer but then i go on holiday and see all this food and I CANNOT STOP MYSELF! i'm such a food addict. British Heart Foundation, cos that's where everyone from my class seems to be working! I do love Dubai, the shopping, the bellydancing, the massively rich and beautiful people there. And obviously nothing beats india.

    Yuhhss I am I'm wearing a sareee My dad's bought it in India and i get to see it in a week or so when he's back gonna be a little bit awkward seeing as i've never worn one before but meh :L have you found your outfit yet? so exciting! x
  4. erm i kinda am tbh now 5 years of school are over, anyways ill talk to you tumoro ima hit the sacks now so goodnightx
  5. yeah lol
    and birmingham
  6. Samee
    where you from
  7. onesoulfortwo
    LOL that never fails to make me laugh. :giggle:

    Year 11. Yourself?
  8. -.- education wise
  9. of course haha
    so what year you in
  10. see exactly lol it is funny
    kita koreh, bala suni
    idk i think i just might have picked em up from people arround school

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