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  1. Awesome name
  2. Ooops, just seen this. I've got quite a few Jan retakes as well... 5 retakes and 1 A2 exam! January is the key, if I don't do well then there will be just too much to do come June. I took Economics, English Lit (my C), History and Politics. Decided to drop history, though. Really tired of it. Good luck for January!
  3. Mike Hunt is nice
    Just so i had a better choice for A2, but i only had 2 or 3 free periods a week. Im not really dissapointed with the U, it was coming to me. Economics was my U grade. I got an A's in Maths and Chemistry, 1B in Biology and C in Further Maths. I am retaking Bio and all the FM modules this year with Math and Chem. How about you? what subjects did you take?
  4. Oh, did you? And what made you decide to pick 5 subjects? Nice one man, well done! You're probably disappointed with that U but at least you have 4 other solid results, lol. And I got BBBC. What did you get in economics?
  5. Mike Hunt is nice
    Hey mate, how are you! i got accepted, but chose Woodhouse College instead. At AS i got 2A 1B 1C and 1U. How about you?
  6. Heeey man, remember me from last year? The guy who never got into St. Michael's, lol.
    How did you end up doing?

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