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  1. are you going to firm uea and what response did u get from the other unis, if you dont mind me asking?
  2. Hello there,
    Are you going to firm 'UEA'? Congrats once again on your offer. I received my offer on the 8th of March 2013. But i haven't yet received any 'offer pack' and I dont really know what the next step is. I did interviews in cardiff and liverpool; but i am still waiting for the reply that they are going to give me. Hopefully, cadiff will choose me because they are my first choice.

    Did they send u an offer pack and if we do not come to the open day, but yet in the end choose to come to uea, will we miss out too much ? because i dont think i am coming for the open day. any adive would be helpful. thanjks
  3. BooAlphie
    Hey, sorry haven't been on TSR in ages so only just replying. Well basically you've done better than me and I don't think I'm going to get in.. I might not apply. It depends on AS UMS marks, if I get above 90% in UMS marks in 2 or 3 out of 4 subject I'll apply. Also my school are really strict about predicted grades, so if you get a B in AS they'll predict you a B and if you get above 90% UMS you'll be predicted and A* which is really stressing me out.

    Basically we were told that Cambridge don't really care about your GCSEs but they really look at your UMS marks. When I was at an open day they said that 62% of people who've gotten 95% UMS marks and applied got in. Also they said they don't care about extra ciric or if you're a good person (LOL) they jusut care about academics. So hopefully we'll both get good UMS marks on Thursday!!!!!!!!

    To be honest though, the point I've got to is I don't care where I go as long as someone accepts me for medicine. Anyone. Don't care who!

    Where else are you applying?
  4. Hey I was just on the Cambridge stalking page and saw you listed as one of the applicants for 2013! I want to do medicine and I would like to study at Cambridge. I achieved 7A*'s and 5A's at GCSE and I have just done my AS levels but I've been predicted all A's (hopefully I'll get the A's! :P) Do you think I could apply for Cambidge? I'm also grade 8 violin and I also play piano and guitar and I do taekwondo. Thanks

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