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  1. luqman15
    well done. i'm planning on doing voulanteering when i go and do it, do i just have ask or do i need to give them like added paperwork
  2. I applied to Southampton, Cambridge Peninsula and Imperial, but I only got into Imperial and I'm going there this year
  3. Hi, I got 4A*s 4As 2Bs and 1C at GCSE and AAAA at AS and AAA at A2. It's the AS and A2 that count You really should go for medicine if that's what you want, do lots of volunteering and work experience as that looks really good on your personal statment
  4. No worries mate. The first time I applied I didn't put any thought into where to apply so, even despite a terrible ukcat score & gcses, I applied to lots of places I was pretty much guaranteed not to get in to. Also I didn't do enough voluntary work, had a terrible personal statement etc, just a general lack of effort on my part and I got what I deserved!
  5. luqman15
    thanks yeah it sould do wat u doin in A levels
  6. Akbar2k7
    Okay pick a character like curley's wife or crooks. find a quote about them. then think how this quote shows those things, for example curley's wife being referred to as a possession and this objectifies her in addition to being the lone woman she is isolated by objectification. tbh its been 2 years since my exam I cant really give you proper help.

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