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  1. You thought that about me?
  2. I miss your threads about working out, and not just because your views on feminism are even dumber :moon:
  3. Haha nice pun. I was a pilot too when I met him
  4. Hey It refers to the T1 and T1A which are one of my favourite aircraft and what my husband flew when I first met him.
  5. :boring:

    Well, have a nice and insecure lyf. Remember, last guys finish last.

  6. Meh, seeing as your not actually saying anything I thought I'd try to speak your language :yep:

    God you're boring. I know how hard it is being so insecure, but you can actually say something of substance, I'm not going to be nasty. Chill out
  7. Still not actually going to reply with anything? Do you often hide behind humour? :holmes:

    Daddy issues. Next case.
  8. Not replying in thread, but why the reading books? Are you saying I didn't read your post properly? I know that you're just posting from someone else's forum, but your still doing it because you're too cowardly to post the same views you evidently share. Still using alternative sites to hide behind actually saying anything? You're adorable
  9. I'm not great at basketball tbh, mostly I just play casually with my friends, I'm not on a team or anything. Once you get the correct form I think it's just a case of gradually building it up, make sure you're using your legs properly, a lot of people don't, because for the longer shots that's where you'll be getting the power from.
  10. yh i do lift but im not very good at it lol

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