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  1. Thanks!!! You too!!!
  2. Hey, I'm leaving again!

    anyway good luck with everything I may be back if/when Mickey O'Neill leaves and hopefully we shall at that point speak again :P Can't imagine a miser-less tsr.
  3. I had a brief (few month) stint of it a few years ago.

    Indeed it is. Fair enough. I've nothing but time so I may as well.
  4. Fine thanks and thanks for the follow back
  5. After some thought, I guess I was incorrect . It slightly pains me to admit that :laugh:.

    Starting adult gymnastics next week, universe willing.
  6. Ah, I see. Fair enough.

    I shall reply later. Though, you have hit upon something. Most types of ideologies that I can think of, I feel, fail in the real world.
    My initial instincts are certainly pacifistic though.
  7. Is this directed at me personally?

    In any case, I view pacifism as the objection to needless violence.
    You might say that most people are. But many choose to become enrage and add fuel to the fire.
  8. Interesting. I hadn't given it much thought. It does make sense.
    While I think it's generally ill-advised to desist from defending yourself if you're in certain types of situations, I think it's noble to try and cause the least possible damage.
    Still, I think my life/body has value and I value myself more than someone who'd needlessly attack me and I know what I'd do in those circumstances.

    Completely eh?

    I suppose I'm quite Jesusy in my thoughts.
  9. Fair enough .

    I'm open to doing a martial art though.
  10. Yea. Atm, my personal philosophy revolves around pacifism. I really, really, really don't like confrontation and I feel the world would be a lot better if people were more understanding of others.
    There's more to it. Feel free to ask.

    I abandoned the task. Well postponed. I've been doing the gym you see, I've been waiting for my upper body strength to increase sufficiently, which might be soon.

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  • About miser

    Computer scientist
    Star Sign
    About me
    This list is me, in as much as a list can be me:

    - My core belief is that what the world needs most is compassion and rationality
    - I lived in France for a year whilst working as a computer scientist at CERN
    - I want to become an essayist; I write on ethics, philosophy, computer science and society
    - I'm vegetarian because I see killing animals for food to be unnecessary
    - I speak Esperanto and a little French, but would like to learn Japanese, Spanish and Latin
    - My politics are left-wing and progressive
    - My favourite film is Amélie; my favourite band is Asian Kung-Fu Generation
    - I buy more books than I read
    - I don't believe in free will
    - I used to be a Christian but am now an atheist
    - My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is INTJ ('The Scientist')
    - My favourite colour is green
    Academic Info
    BSc Software Engineering 2012
    Computer scientist for CMS experiment at CERN 2010-2011

    BTEC Nat Dip IT Practitioners 2007 (Triple distinction)
    College award for outstanding achievement 2006-2007

    Nominated for North Somerset award for contribution to local sport 2006

    Future ambitions if I have the money:
    BA Philosophy
    BA Psychology

    So you wanna know my GCSEs, huh?
    1 B (Religious Studies)
    4 Cs (Maths, English language, English literature, Psychology)
    3 Ds (Double Science, IT)
    1 E (Graphics Design)
    1 U (Music)
    Philosophy, psychology, politics, computer science, writing (essays), budo (aikido, iaido, jodo, kendo), reading, programming (C++, C#, PHP), juggling, chess, anime, badminton

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