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  1. I mean, do you see results that you are pleased with when you take the 'do what makes me feel good now' approach?

    Could things have been prevented or circumstances improved if you had planned in the past?
  2. Do things usually fit in place for you?

    Are you hoping to go into research, teach or something else with Physics? I mean, it's important to know before committing so much time, money and energy to the subject...
  3. Why Physics? Have you considered the career prospects?
    How have you been lately?
  4. That's good. I am sure you make delicious food. When do you start your Physics course?
  5. I don't know, just being around lots of people sometimes makes my stomach churn.

    What pizza did you make? :p: Do you like cooking anything else?
  6. I am doing better today. A bit of anxiety though.
    What have you been up to? ^_^
  7. Hey, how's everything going?
  8. Anxiety (just a guess)?
    Physics - that's a good subject. What do you hope to go into with the degree?
  9. It was anon.
    I like the list of your societies
    What are you studying?
  10. Hey, thanks for all the help.
    How are you? :hugs:

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