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  1. Lol, don't copy me! That way lies bad things, academically Have a good dinner though
    (look: a subtle warning AND then a flippancy )
  2. Cool beans Don't forget revision (I'm pretending it's too late to revise atm and writing instead )
  3. I think two parters are better, so long as you can break them in reasonable places, like you did with the bread. Oh, and so long as you don't make us wait a week between each - half a recipe would be REALLY annoying
  4. I will. Thank you for being all inspiring, actually, I've just started to work on it again after a lot of procrastination

    Aw, sucks. I've never made fudge, have to say. Oooh, do that, do that! But tell us about the one that didn't work too That way, you can work out why it went wrong and it shows you're not infallible Because blogs are about real people not superhumans
  5. It's all good Not many people do, for some reason. I shall, I plan to have it up by the end of the first week of feb. Woo, peoples
  6. Eh, I started an online novel a couple years ago and have been rewriting because it sort of got stuck a few pages in. Like superheroes and stuff.

    I don't think so...
  7. WOOHOO! Sorry, over enthusiastic. I'm so on there. thanks
  8. Oooh, I might set up a page over there and give up on my wordpress then, because that killed me. I almost spent more time with the settings than I did writing
  9. :O Then don't do that Though I have to say, if you ever get stuck, do go back and do one, it just restores your faith - I was helping a mate with her GCSE while I was doing further maths and it was like an oasis of not death!maths.

    WOOOOT! Well done! That shows how good it is. I did put it up, yeah, but that many views means people must be sharing, or that some of them loved it so much they read it loads The design's much better now (though I liked it before, apart from the pictures being outside the frame a bit). Do you know any computery stuff to do it, or are you using magic blogger tools?
  10. That's because a. you are awesome! and b. you have no idea how satisfying it is to do some A level maths after you spend all that time fighting uni level maths. If ever you doubt, go do a gcse question and you shall remember the fun times

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