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  1. 2794, dude, Reading is AWESOME. It's got everything a student could want. The campus is just :sogood: and the people are all friendly :love:

    Yeah, gotta help dem younger ones make the step up to uni with their PS' lol.
  2. How many rep points you on brah? How's uni going?
  3. Barrister I want to do commercial law at one of the top chambers though, so I'm going to try applying for the BCL at oxford. I basically need to be getting full marks on all my modules and I'm already slacking off XD
  4. I haven't actually checked whether not attending seminars can get us kicked out. One of the lecturers said that if we hadn't done the reading we could be kicked out of the seminar. So when I didn't read it I just assumed there was no point in going.

    I need to do the exact same as you. I got bored at the constitution part of public law. It's all actually quite interesting it's just rather dry. Best of luck to the both of us

    Know what you want to do after?
  5. yeah... most asians can be arrogant and boring when it comes to socializing! But not all of course have you got any friends studying management and marketing in Cardiff?
  6. That reminds me, I need to start reading for seminars. I've skipped 2 already haha. You make criminal law sounds so boring.. I really thought it would be interesting. Without a doubt though, it sounds far better then Public law. I actually hate that and the fact I have the lecture always with 2 hours makes it worse.

    I've always preferred exams over everything else. What I hate about the presentation thing is the fact that you get judged on the other peoples performance as well. So if they do bad your grade gets lowered.

    You thought about what you want to do after the law degree yet? What you aiming to get the firs year?
  7. haha well to be fair, there's asians everywhere anyway. By integrating do you mean socializing?
  8. I thought criminal law would be cool. I think I got my hopes up too high for law haha. It's all interesting just not as thought provoking as I thought it would be - in the sense that it would make me want to read.

    Lucky about the exams. Do you not do any coursework at all. I need to do this presentation thing with others and they're perform counts towards my grade -.- This is for public law.

    I think you might end up finding land boring to xD although, it kinda links to contract in a sense. How big are your textbooks? The reading is ridiculous I got 7 textbooks that are all 700 pages lol
  9. Ah lucky, you get to do criminal law. Is it any good? I have Public Law, Contract Law, Land Law, and Legal institutions and Methods (same as legal foundations I assume). The only book I've really read is Land law - like 30 pages think. Everyone finds it boring but I think it's quite interesting. I find Public Law lectures so boring, I actually feel sleepy lol.

    Have you had any essays to do yet? I did one really badly because it didn't count then found out hey that for each module thy only mark 1 essay then realized I need to start putting effort into those essays.

    What did you get the scholarship for? How you finding the modules then? You got any exams or assessments which count? Also how's Cardiff night life :b
  10. sounds pretty good actually, in terms of culture, are there a lot of international students, or asians there?

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