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  1. Hello it's me again! (If you can even remember me!) What's happened with you since our last conversation? It seems that I might do ThaiIntro for my first week and hopefully to absorb the culture shock, and meet some people because I'm still quite worried about going alone, and then possibly make my way to Koh Tao, and Big Blue - with your recommendation and a look at their prices they do seem the best! Then, after staying for 2 weeks (maybe more, who knows) make my way north to around Chiang Mai, or see a couple more of the islands/touristy places. I've now decided to narrow down the countries I was considering to just Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, but if I get bored of places and want to move on, or people I meet are travelling elsewhere, I may stray further. Anyway, do tell me how everything's been and what you're up to now!
  2. So cool! I don't understand with the diving and hill tribe trekking, did you pre-book it, or was it just stuff you booked on to while you were there exploring options? If you keep overstaying everywhere, does that mean you can swap flights and things? I just looked at Big Blue too because you mentioned it! Do you only get three days worth of diving from it, or can you go off on your own once you're qualified? (:
  3. That literally made me so happy reading that, practically tearing up. It's exactly what I want to do, and all the places you've said are the places I want to go! I've even looked at Koh Tao diving! With the diving, did you know you wanted to do it, and then asked the people you met if they did too? I just can't see everything working out so ideally for me with people wanting to do the same things and go to the same places! With the hill tribe trekking etc. did you just meet people and tag along with them? Were your flights booked down to the dates or are they flexible? I'll take a look at round the world experts, thanks so much for all this information!
  4. Any time from about February next year I think, for about 10 weeks+ I want to go to Thailand, Bali, Cambodia, possibly Vietnam, possibly Peru (although it's far from Asia!) Everyone keeps telling me how dangerous it is, and I know I'm quite a shy person so wonder how I'd fare on my own in a foreign place. But I feel that if I'm having a gap year I can't just waste it! Who did you go through for the flights? Why did you end up not going to Vietnam and Laos, and what's drawn you to Australia? What will you do there, and what have you been doing so far?
  5. Amazing! I'm so worried about going on my own, but at the same time think it's the best thing to do! How much did you save for the trip, and how much were your flights? If you did go to Vietnam/Laos would you have to make your way back to Thailand before flying to Indonesia, or are your flights more flexible than that? If you want me to stop with the questions just say!
  6. Hi, I just saw your comment on a gap year thread. I want to travel to South East Asia too, and was wondering if you did it alone, and how you went about it? Did you just buy a flight to Bangkok and go with the flow or what? Sorry for the questions, and thanks! (:
  7. hey
  8. I know, everybody seems to be at uni! :L yeah its okay, can't wait for September though :L ahh good luck! Have you heard back from any yet? Where you travelling to? x
  9. Hi, just read that you're on a gap year, it's nice to talk to someone else who is! How's it all going?
  10. Hello Bella !

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