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  1. i sent you an email
  2. hey! ah, thats good!! Sure, though tsr is incredibly annoying to chat on, i swear it deletes every message of mine after ive read it and i cant really remember what u saidother than u had an interview- sorry :/ -do u have fb cos that would be so much easier?
  3. btw- not that this is important at all but i was just checking out figures of people applying and "word of the street" ratios of offers to private vs public and girls vs boys -and im trying to figure out my competition :P-so, r u a boy or girl?
  4. though i guess nothing is really easy!
  5. hahaha, more likely is that they want to get through interviewing the idiots like me first!!
    yep....i guess so, but getting stuff wrong can be discouraging and thinking isn't all that easy
  6. the 9th!!!!!!!!! which is only a week away :/ **SCARED* AND A BIT PANICKY*
    and thanx! let me know when u get yours!
  7. heya, have u heard yet?
    just wanted to let u know- not to show off or anything cos getting an interview is nothing, but cos u seemed anxious- i heard from them this morning- i got an interview......)))) what about u?
  8. ughhh....ok having said that- just found out oxymoron's score- its depressing :'(
  9. I haven't heard anything as yet.... :/ but apparently they send an email either way, so let's not lose hope yet- do you know what any other potential "Trinitarians" got?? maybe our scores aren't as bad as we think? I also applied to Imperial, Birmingham and Brighton...
  10. :'( nooooooo!!! we cant be rejected!! :'( mine were pretty poor esp science by trinity standards :'( 6.5, 5.2, 3A will they still send us an email even if we got rejected? :'(where else have u applied btw?

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