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  1. Hi, i was just reading a post you posted on 2011 about applying for a foundation year medicine (i know it been almost 2 years) but did you get in and how did you find it?
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  3. I got an A, but didn't do so well with maths and chem so resitting modules.
    How did you do?
  4. Hey I read from your post you got into study foundation med. I am also looking to apply for the same course for 2013 entry as i didnt get myself the grades i hoped for. I was just wondering if you could give me some tips on on how you went along with your application. any help wud be much appreciateddd hope to hearr from u soon
  5. Honey:)
    no i havent! still looking for them though
  6. You got the past papers you were looking for? peace
  7. Honey:)
    Thanks! Yeah thats great advice and yerp will look around!
    Goodluck for everything with you too!
  8. MyselfEtAl

    I'm doing A2 as well, so I'm not exactly an "expert" but basically, you need to understand and memorise how things work. The only way you can do that is a) memorise the textbook b) go through it properly with your teacher, make SURE more than anything that you ask questions.

    The rest, at least for biology, is all exam technique.
    Unfortunately I don't have any papers from the old spec, sorry
    BUT, buy the CGP book (exam board specific one), and forge questions in the text book.

    Another thing that I find is really helpful, is looking at the specification and turning it into a question, so for example "candidates need to know how heart rate is controlled" = "how is the heart rate controlled?" - simple things like this really will get you an A.

    Try and do ALL the questions you can possibly find, take a look around TSR for any biology resources too, there should be some

    Good luck!

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