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  1. Hi ryan,
    i was looking through a previous economics unit 3 thread and noticed your post about the mind map you have created. Please could you send this to me, i would be very grateful

    Many thanks!

    'For evaluation, I have created a mindmap on what you can talk about. I basically look at all the mark schemes on what you need to talk about to gain evaluation marks and make it into a mindmap.'
  2. How did you find the econ exam?
  3. Hey bud,

    My AS grades AAAA (after resit in Jan - results emailed to LSE before offer), Predicted A*A*A*A in Maths, FM, Economics and Chemistry, already have 100% (A*) in EPQ.

    Spoke to my head of Sixth, - who spoke to LSE admission's tutor at a conference, if you've made it this far, (past last tuesday) you're in with a reasonable chance! Fingers crossed we're both at LSE next September.
  4. How did you find econ 3 :/
  5. Hey, sorry to be a pain but could you send your mindmap of evaluation points for E3? It'd help me out a bunch!


    Thanks a lot!
  6. it's
  7. You got skype? If we exchange ideas and revision tips if will probably help us for the exam tomorrow?
  8. Hi there sorry if its too late but if it is no trouble then id really appreciate it if you could send me an email of the mindmap of evaluation points which you made. Evaluation is definitely the area which i tend to have most difficulty with. Thankyou so much if you have time - life saver!

    My email address is;

    Hope it goes well for you tomorrow
  9. Hey could you also send me the evaluation points for economics unit 3 mind maps plz =)
    Thank you very much
  10. Hey! hope revision's all well. would you please send me one of your mindmaps too? for E3 and E2 if you do have. mail's thank you in advance man!

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