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  1. If i were to choose History for my A levels what time period should it be on :P
  2. Hey, how are you?
  3. Well, I am going to hopefully do a presentation to bank managers in order to get some unpaid work experience before starting uni.

    Wow, 10 hours! Sleeping that much is counterproductive if you want to work after though - did you find that?

    JP Morgan will really help. Put in your best effort there as opportunities like this are far between usually.

    When do you go back to college?
  4. So your best subject is Maths and Accounting?

    Do you have any work experience?

    Let me tell you one thing with exams: never get complacent even if you 'think' they're easy. What is and what appears to be can be very different things.

    Ready to go back to college after the break?
  5. What made you suddenly change your mind? :o:
    Well, I've been into banking for over a year now, so not an expert by a long shot but know the basics. What do you need help with?

    I am hoping to get work experience at a high street bank or any financial institution this year, then going on to study Acc and Finance as a degree this September. Then gradually move into Investment Banking when I get the opportunity.

    How was your Xmas/New Year? Any mock exams this January?
  6. Hey man, good job on getting a JPM placement. Are you looking to work in banking? If so, what division? Have a good NY...
  7. Jkizer
    how so? ^.^
  8. Hey, what did you study/studying at university? and what university?
  9. Jkizer
    Basically tell you some degree courses other than Economics, which would fit in with your A levels?
  10. Just wondering, could you recommend any courses to me other than Economics that would suit my skills in Economics and History? (Though not a History degree haha)

    I'm in a bit of a quandary here!

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