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  2. Why? It's not my fault that gay men worry me more than others.

    I want to protect american family values and protect society. Do you think it's 'authoritarian' for murder to be illegal for example?
  3. Whatever. The point is slightly moot when you consider the proportions of women who rape vs gays who rape. I think gays are more likely to rape than straight people also.

    I guess that would be a benefit, lol and you think I'm a homophobe. I know I'm not gonna persuade you otherwise but I don't think I'm a homophobe.

    Depends how pretty they were... I might ask to join in... Lol, no I wouldn't like any gay couples kissing, but two gay men is worse. It sends the wrong message to kids.
  4. Rape - "The crime, committed by a man, of forcing another person to have sexual intercourse with him, esp. by the threat or use of violence." - oh, does the definition ONLY include men? Yes, it does. Therefore, only gay people can rape me. If I didn't wanna have sex there's not much a woman could do to keep me - it's simple biology.

    That's really mean. I'd never want death to gays. I'm accepting and supportive of homosexuals doing what they want in private.

    There is a gay culture and that's what leads to their shorter lives. If we got more gay people we'd see more of this gay culture - rainbow flags and all
  5. umm, actually they can't. Firstly, it could be fun (heh) and secondly, if you didn't want to continue, how would they keep you 'interested'? hmm. Oh, thirdly - a woman isn't very likely to subdue me.

    they pose no threat, in your opinion. more gay people aren't good for society - especially the lifestyle (they often live shorter lives too because of the STD's).

    Are you seriously telling me you wouldn't mind society becoming more gay oriented?
  6. ok, firstly - only gay people could rape me. secondly, im not scared by gays. I just am scared of society becoming more gay oriented.
  7. I'm not a homophobe.

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