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  1. Hey Charlotte! It's been a while since I've spoken to you on here! Any news from the vet schools? xx
  2. Hi, did you get into your first choice?? I got into Nottingham to do physics with theoretical astrophysics, well chuffed I got AAAA in my 4 subjects. Very pleased what about you?
  3. I know! I'm really excited to start planning!! That's awesome! I might give them an email! Do you know if they do placements for 1 week? Also are you planning on travelling there each day or are you finding accommodation? I'm doing it on a farm by Llysfasi College, there are so many farms around there! It's quite small though so the day's are quite quiet! Ooh you should give them a ring and find out even if its a few days it'll count! Have you been lambing before? Oh, i've heard of that farm not sure why though! I might give them an email then too as i've found it hard to find any other farms other than dairy or sheep! Your selling it me with the cooked dinner!! xx
  4. Hey! Sorry for the delay I hadn't noticed your reply! Well i'm thinking of getting a job, gain plenty of work experience and next year i've been looking into either going to new zealand to work out there for a few months or go to canada and do volunteer work! However i still haven't heard from Nottingham!! :') Oh wow you have loads of great things planned! Especially the zoo! Was it hard to get a place there? Well i'm currently doing some lambing, a week at a vet lab and a week at ty mawr! I desperatley need some more farm work though :/ do you know of any places round here that would take me? xx (sorry for the essay! :'))
  5. Hey! Thank you! I'm still keeping my fingers crossed but i think things aren't looking to good! I'm now seriously considering a gap year, and i'm actually getting really excited!
    Well done on you A in Biology!! I remember getting BY1 (first time round ) and i was 2 marks off an A and i've never been so distraught! haha Oh my goodness 8?! Not many then! I thankfully only have 2! Yes i did was very relieved and at least now I have the grades so no more re sits! Do you have any work experience planned for this year? x
  6. Hey! The interview went okayish, it was really good fun but i was so nervous and wasn't too sure what to expect! Don't think it's good news though as i've seen others have been receiving offers and people have said they give them out in alphabetical order and it's definitely gone past me! Think i could be reapplying! At least i've now got the grades, yay! Did you get any results this week? X
  7. Thank you! It's tomorrow and i'm so nervous! X
  8. Yay! Well, I may have some lambing *fingers crossed*
  9. Not sure if they have a policy my school is pretty much BE IN SCHOOL ALL THE TIME, and I have had 100% attendance since year 9, I was hoping this would help my application :P So I won't go if they dont have a policy. I shall email my head of year (if the guy emails back and says its during school time)
  10. I may have lambing!!! An organisation in kent may need help in april, just need to hope its in school holidays and they have accomodation

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