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  1. Looking very lonely here...
  2. Loner
  3. I've still got A2 Maths lessons, so technically my holidays haven't started, but I only go for three hours a week. Summer's been ok. Not done that much.
    You've started your holiday right? How's it going?
  4. Ain't spoken in a while
  5. But still easy.
  6. Are you nice'n'easy? :sexface:
  7. ah kl; You gonna go uni then or get a job?
  8. kl; So you gonna start A2 next year?
  9. Dont worry about it I just liked maths; it just comes to me unlike english. I proper worked my ass off for Eng Lang and got like a C in the exam (B overall) so for Eng Lit I quit revising.
    I kinda have to continue education seeing as I did AS Maths already. Next year I'm gonna do AS Accounting, Economics, Further Maths, Physics and A2 Maths.

    What are you doing for A Levels?
  10. Long story short. I did most of my exams in like november or the year before. Quite a few of my subjects were all coursework based and I'm really good at maths so I did my GCSE's a year early and did AS Maths this year.


    post on my profile please (dont get notifications on yours)

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