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  1. Dear RowanL,

    I have an interview for PPE at exeter college starting on monday. Do you have any advices ? Is it true that interview are more about intelligence than intellect ? What else can do at the moment ?
  2. Hello!

    I was having a look at an old Oxford applicant thread and I noticed that you got AABB at AS level. I'm applying to Oxford this year (to do PPE) and I've got AABC at AS level, so I just wanted to ask you if you have any advice for people who didn't get AAAA/AAAB? How did you compete with people (in getting an interview) who had better AS grades? I know that my AS grades are below average, so I'd be extremely thankful for some tips!

  3. Hi I couldnt help but notice that you are a member of OUCA- I hope it join it, if I make it in to Oxford.

    I was wondering if you could answer a few questions about life in OUCA?

    1. What's it like?
    2. Is it public school dominated- will going to a grammar school put me at a disadvantage?
    3. How do you succeed in rising to the top of OUCA?
    4. Is it friendly towards ethic minorities?
    5. Do you need to have political contacts to flourish?
    6. Do you think it would be a good stepping stone into politics (in terms of skill and contacts?)

    I appreciate its alot, but I'm quite keen on Student Politics- and being Conservative leaning- I'd love to learn more about it.


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