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  1. Haha don't worry, neither do I!

    Awww that's good, I'm glad you're loving it! How is Economics? Are you finding it difficult?

    Yeah pretty tough, mostly because I don't actually like my subjects anymore.. I wish I hadn't dropped Economics now Yup I applied to Queen Mary, LSE, King's College, Sutton and B'ham. I think I will be firming LSE and putting Queen Mary as my insurance xxx
  2. Heyy, how you doing? Did you get in to uni, if so which one!? And how are you finding it!? x
  3. Thank you for the +reps :hugs:
  4. Oh noooo, six exams!? Can't believe you've got so much going on at the same time! Hopefully you'll ace them though bet you can't wait till September, are you a little nervous about moving out and things?

    Aw congratulations on all your offers! I want to apply to Sheffield and Manchester next year
    Yeah you have a while to choose your uni, I can't wait to go and see some on open days!

    I have three exams next week.. So nervous. good luck for yours though xx
  5. Hey how you doing? How's your A2s going? Finding them much harder than AS? What unis have you applied to and have you received any offers yet? xxx
  6. Hi
    Was just looking at the Leeds applicants page and found that your applying for the same course as me .. Eco/Hist
    so rare to find someone doing the same course, everyone at school thinks I'm crazy combining the 2 subjects!
    congrats on your offer .. I'm also predicted AAB so hopefully I hear back from them soon
    where else have you applied/heard from?
  7. Hi how're you? Still figuring out which uni's you want to go to, or have you applied at this point? Good luck if you've submitted a UCAS application.
  8. Omg you're so sweet for even remembering! Smiling like mad right now, haha. Wasn't bad - 4A*, 5A, 2B. The B being in maths and statistics lol .. I'm deffo not taking maths A level. I really can't take it anymore.. The last couple of months of GCSE maths was sooo painful! Haha. But that's ok, I'm considering medicine now as it seems very interesting. Idk though, my grades might hold me back as I didn't do as brilliantly as the usual medical student would.

    How were your AS results!? Which was like weeks ago sorry! xxx
  9. Hi!

    Ooh, yes actually, Birmingham does look good. Plus it's slightly higher up on the league tables :pierre: and not as cold as Manchester

    I have far too little econ on my PS - I'm really bad at developing points and like, my opinions on economic things - but apart from that it's going ok. Most of mine is just the reading I've done though - although judging by thestudentroom ones it shouldn't matter too much.

    Oh yes, gosh, I remember seeing the massive forms you have for EPQ! Woah, that's a lot of reading! And, yeah, it's definitely brilliant prep for uni with all the independent study and everything.

    Haha, when you said you had a car sitting and waiting I thought at first you meant that you were about to take your test :rolleyes: Is it a... nice car? I would ask you what brand or whatever but I'm really bad with cars :/

    I'm mostly using the internet for prospectuses/prospecti. Your post comment made me lol .

    Omg, I've just realised you're an exalted member. Clearly you've been far more sociable then me:^_^:
  10. Thanks!

    I haven't ordered many prospectuses (prospecti?) to be honest - I didn't get organised enough! I might email some of the admissions departments, that's a good idea. Judging by the grades needed for straight history/straight economics, most universities are looking about the same as Manchester.

    On Liverpool Uni's website, it says 'Please note that this programme will not be running for 2013 ':

    For PS, DEFINITELY emphasis on academic stuff. :yes: Mine's about a 3:1 ratio to academic stuff, but even then I'm pushing it a bit. Essentially, unis want to see you're interested in the subject, and the extra curricular stuff is only to show you're likely to work well independently, like you need to in a university's environment.

    Your EPQ sound really interesting! Lots of articles and things to mine through, though! Yeah, I guess it's worth an AS, and so it requires that much work, which is why I didn't do it.

    Good luck on your driving exam! (and your EPQ and your PS )

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