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  1. Hi, I ended up getting a job in the end
  2. according to the price list on the bristol website, all your beds are single - they look big because of the bed bottom - my bed looks so small compared to that haha
    aww yeah some areas don't have fb pages yet - there should be one soon though

    Yeah Im sure it wont be anything to worry about thouggh
    I think it might be best to keep with barclays because then you may get a larger overdraft limit ie mine is 1500£ in my first year and thats only because Im already with santander!
  3. OMG!!??? PEOPLE get double beds? I had no idea lol
    aww yh they seem to be really busy this week :s
    What residence are you at?
    the best people to ask on fb are the wardens

    I have opened my student account, its with santander because i was already with them aww thats strange ... yh it was probs just abit of a mistake.
  4. Hey Miyata,
    No mine didnt look like that i didnt have the checklist bit I'm not sure why you have it, might it be the course you are doing. Perhaps call up and ask, but I think its just an error
  5. Don't worry - you weren't vague ; I appreciate the helpful advice .
  6. Thank You for the reply :cool:
  7. hi, i got the invitation letter from manchester, and im jux wondering the wordings in the letter is it similar?

    As far as i understand, it seems that they think i misunderstand the course content or sth...
    ' The interview will enable us to assess your understanding and aptitude for the programme and your motivations for studying here in manchester"

    Does this means that im not motivated enough to study in manchester or is it everyone has the same wordings?
  8. Hey, really sorry but have you done the task 3 empa? I would be sooo grateful if you could help, I am starting to forget everything!

    Adam x
  9. i sent you the email, cant upload the image here for some reason. and im really sorry for the late reply.

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