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  1. It's not too bad, think I have most of business down and I'll go over all the finance stuff tomorrow How about you?
  2. That's so helpful! Thankyou xx
  3. Marketing plans, Ansoffs Matrix, Marketing strategies! I just did this, uhh i feel like im forgetting stuff already. Not good

    Yeah I have biology on wednesday so I have to hope I do well revision wise this weekend, because if it doesnt go in, I have to do bio on monday and tuesday (I'm doing F214, you...arent by any chance doing it too?!)

    Nope he doesnt, maybe we can find the examiners on the OCR website, type their names into facebook and ask them whats coming up! its a friday night they might be drunk enough to confess!
  4. **** so sorry! Forgot to reply to you last time, ironically it was because I was studying BUSS3 last time so I forgot!

    Kinda good, teachers basically running stuff down with us, he keeps telling us to use loadsa formula's because essentially an examiner is only going to be skim reading our answers, and formula's stand out so much more and get you content, analysis and application marks all in one go if your answers are correct! Time saver eh?

    Im happy enough, still wish I had one more week. But I think if the exam was in 2 weeks time i'd be rubbish at it, because ive crammed all the information in over the past 2 weeks that any longer and ill just forget it again.

    Hows your one going? Is this your only exam by the way?
  5. Heyyy!!! Dunno why Im troublin u...

    (Hope Im not be annoyin...)

    Just wantd an answer to a pigeon question... But If u think Im nuts just tell me n I will leave u alone
  6. Meow :P
  7. aww :/ My next exams are going to be bad! so I'll feel the same as you
    But hopefully you haven't done as bad as you think!

    Thanks! Track usually updates at the same time as I get the reply - that's what happened with the other 4 and it's been 4 days now! But hopefully it'll update soon otherwise I won't officially have the offer :O
  8. I have two more exams :/
    My other exam went fine - but last time I thought that and got a C -could've been worse, but I thought I did better!
    How are you exams going?

    I got an offer from Bham for BBB (A2B offer), I got it on Thursday but it doesn't show up on my track

    ? or something similar?


    lol I don't know, that uncle gets annoyed easily and cusses you down if you do something 'wrong' in his eyes :/ so I just avoid that

    Yep, actually I have been working hard! I had an exam today, so I had to!
  10. Heyy Sorry! last minute revision really is the worst to do a week before an exam
    Hope you had a good christmas and new year!
    I totally forgot about the nottingham open day thing and i just had a look before, haha they all seem to be on a wednesday and one saturday. Too many dates to choose from :P Ill have to see what days im free, probably go on the week when I have half term in February
    I finished receiving all my offers after torture for over 2 months :P Any news yet from your universities?

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