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  1. I'm not surprised you got into Notts - everytime you posted, you did a mountain of work, whereas I did little, until I got into hardcore revision from Easter time.
  2. Sup, yeah I got into Warwick. Thanks for the message, yeah I had a good holiday.
  3. If im to do my project it would be on Physics revision software and would have a database with all the information to be not a fan of programmming but some aspects of it are interesting the only reason im debating droping it is because i got B(maths) E(physics, got A in coursework, D in one of the exams, and U in the last exam) E(computing) for my AS results after resiting the AS year so we apply to university this year and we apply based on predicted grades my maths grade would be A/A* physics C/B (after resiting one of the modules i got a U in) but my computing grade would be a D and i need to apply for mechanical enginneering which i need to achieve AAB so im not sure if i apply for a lower course like ABB or BBB can i completely change the course when i have achieved the AAB grade i need at the end of my alevels.
  4. Ooh nice! Well done with that! ^.^ I got 10A*s and 3As, which I'm happy with (:
  5. Thank you! I'm great thanks, how are you? (:
  6. Ahh wow! That's brilliant! you finally decided to go with Notts then! Bet you're gna have am awesome time there! And well done!

    Aww thanks for the eid greeting
  7. Hey! How did results day go for you? Did u get into bham/Nottingham?
  8. I know

    It's because of requests etc and the thread just went haywire, it should be up again soon
  9. HII!! They weren't too bad. Just keeping my fingers crossed now. Although I have already said goodbye to my firm. Lol. How did your exams go?
  10. Pensivedore
    Heyyy! It's going well, exams have finally finished! Though I still feel like I should be revising something :/ the summer is good though, well, as good as it gets here in sunny England! How are you and how did your exams go? xx

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