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  1. Aww, you remembered meee! XD Thanks and you too! x
  2. Hey sorry found out my grade from this years BUSS2 mock > 35 /80 very poor. I dont know where im going wrong my points matched that of the mark scheme and using case study data. I also stated the repercussion and results of the action in order to gain anaylsis marks.
    Any advice? I just cant seem to get my head around business exams and the technique required.
    I read someone elses and found it unjust that they had higher marks than me for what seemed to state the bloody obvious;
  3. Hey thanks for the reply back turns out it was today. I didnt think it was too bad well considering the lack of revision ive done so far. But thats probably because i was in a classroom with no pressure. You were right variance came up. The train case study wasnt so bad but the other one eeek. Think i may have got a C seems like ill never get better than that.
  4. Hey im doing a mock BUSS2 exam wednesday its the Jan 2012 one. Reading the comments about it make it sound like a pile of crap. Do you remember any topics that came up / what to revise for .. just for a heads up. x
  5. Hey,

    I read that you got an A in your Buss2 exam..? I am taking my Buss2 in May and wondered if you have any good Tips? Plus I am also resitting my Buss1 like you. Eeeek!!! Lol.

    Thanks very much
  6. I never make the effort either! I'm half English, half Indian, so my grandparents don't speak it either! :L x
  7. Hey, alls good, you?

    Haha, yeah (: I love learning languages. Though don't speak it often.
  8. I'm good thanks, just studying for my 2nd year uni exams :O. I think from what i remember, i got full marks for the user manual. I got 76/80 in total, my evaluation was a bit rubbish cos it was rushed :/.
  9. I thought so, just wanted to check I've sent you my maintenance for you to look at. I've sent it as a zip file as I needed to make it smaller to send as an attachment.
  10. I take you it you mean for computing?

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