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  1. Why are you lying about being a raging homophobe
  2. Our views differ but i will accept thatt aslong as you do not insist that you are correct - both of our opnions have counter arguments and neither are definitively correct
  3. :lolwut:

    How come you're a member of both the Jewish and Christian Socs?
    It's true. You just don't like me or our country.
  5. I think I know more about logic (and pretty much everything) than you. <quote of you, being arrogant, as per
  6. did fox tell you the internet was evil and full of gay muslim terrorists so your staying away from it? or are you just too stupid to reply?
  7. shocker, youve gone all silent
  8. im not making it up, american secondary level education is atrocious.
    i understand logic considerably better than you, that much is clear from your idiotic stance on everything. also your extremely arrogant, get over yourself bigot.

    us is not a good force, you are just brainwashed by fox.

    on the fiscal cliff, you are a moron.
  9. moronic answer from a moron, as usual. if the funding was enough america wouldnt have some of the worst schools in the west. clearly from you american education is awful, no reason or logic at all and you dont even know the difference between england and britain.

    no the americans invaded to topple a democratically elected government that happened to be communist, that is unjustifiable the people of vietnam wanted that government america had no right to deny it them. communism is better than the capitalism/cronyism we have now.

    it is propaganda that the us is a force for good, it isnt.
  10. so why do republicans want to slash public education funding? moron.

    vietnam? after nearly a decade of warfare they ended up with the government they voted for that the us tried to deprive them of, without us imperialism millions of lives would have been saved. all those other countries who had governments toppled? imperialism. you are a blinkered nationalistic moron, you really need to open your eyes, your living proof propaganda works on idiots.

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