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  1. In your sig you have an A^ what does this mean?
  2. Are you doing/have you done WJEC SY4?
  3. Hey
  4. Yeah, animals compete for territory, food, water, mates, etc, please don't patronise me on my animal biology. You cannot compare the competition between prides of lion or the grey and red squirrels against a GCSE student implying that he thinks he is one of the best at everything. Wait until you get to A levels, mate. I know people with academics far superior to yours, yet you don't hear them brag. You know why? They're decent people. I'm sure you're a nice person really, but you have to admit you do keep on about how you're the best in your year and it's a bit tiresome.

    I'm really sorry if this comes out as argumentative and petty, but I'm a tad grumpy at the moment as I'm ill. Good luck with your GCSEs.
  5. But as my parents remind my brother and I... "life's not a competition you know!" It's also important to never compare yourself to others, and to be happy with the achievements of one's self in their own rights, but not let it get to your head. Bragging and arrogance are also seriously unattractive qualities. <--- All wise words from my parents.

    Do you have any hobbies?
  6. Hi,

    Why do you feel the need to brag so much? Academics are not everything in life. Whereas good grades are important, there are things that are more important, you know. What about friends, family, happiness and feeling loved?
  7. Boo
  8. Hiiii where abouts in the north east are you from? I'm from Ashington in Northumberland!
  9. Really, instead of universities applying to, you write "potential offers?"
  10. Hi dalek, a thread was made regarding who is the greatest mathmatician of all time. Seeing as you like Maths and it's applications, it would be interesting to hear your views.


About Me

  • About Dalek1099

    Dalek1099 scored 11A*s and 5As at GCSE Results Day(22/08/2013)
    Where I study
    North East England
    Star Sign
    About me
    KS1 SATS:M3?E3?S2?
    KS2 SATS:M5aE5bS5b
    KS3 SATS(Since KS3 sats where scrapped by the time reached Y9 my results consist of teacher assessment,past paper tests and internal exams):M8b(Past Papers Took in December would have probably got 8a if took in summer)E7?(Teacher Assessment)S7c(Internal assessment took in June)
    My GCSE Results:
    Full GCSE:AQA German A(242 UMS)-Y9
    AQA Core Science A*(366 UMS)-Y10
    Edexcel English Language A*(270 UMS)-Y10
    Edexcel English Literature A*(218 UMS)-Y10
    AQA Maths A*(295 UMS)
    AQA Additional Science A*(369 UMS)
    AQA French A*(271 UMS)
    AQA Further Maths A^(174 Raw Marks)
    OCR National Business A*A(9 Points)
    OCR National ICT A*A(12.5 Points)
    EDEXCEL Sport A*A*(unknown-210 points if marks didn't go down in moderation)
    AQA Geography A(350 UMS)
    EDEXCEL Religious Studies A(166 UMS)
    Exam Results:
    AQA Maths Unit 1:A*(79 UMS)
    EDEXCEL English Literature Unit 1:A(101 UMS)
    EDEXCEL English Literature Unit 3:A*(60 UMS)
    EDEXCEL English Language Unit 1:A(49 UMS)
    EDEXCEL English Language Unit 2:A(105 UMS)
    AQA Geography Unit 1:A*(100 UMS)
    AQA German Unit 1:C(41 UMS)
    AQA German Unit 2:B(46 UMS)
    AQA German Unit 3:A(76 UMS)
    AQA German Unit 4:A(79 UMS)
    OCR National Business Unit 1:100%(A*/A)
    OCR National Business Unit 11:100%(A*/A)
    OCR National Business Unit 4:100%(A*/A)
    OCR National ICT Unit 2:95%(A/A*)
    OCR National ICT Unit 21:44%(C)
    OCR National ICT Unit 4:94%(A*/A)
    OCR National ICT Unit 5:93%(A*/A)
    OCR National ICT Unit 1:100%(A*/A)
    AQA Maths Unit 2:A*(100 UMS)
    AQA Geography Unit 2:B(73 UMS)
    AQA Biology Unit 1:A(86 UMS)
    AQA Chemistry Unit 1:A*(96 UMS)
    AQA Physics Unit 1:A(84 UMS)
    EDEXCEL English Literature Unit 2:A*(57 UMS)
    EDEXCEL English Language Unit 3:A*(116 UMS)
    AQA Core Science Unit 4:A*(100 UMS)
    EDEXCEL Religious Studies Unit 1:A*(90 UMS)
    AQA Chemistry Unit 2:A*(91 UMS)
    AQA Physics:A*(90 UMS)
    AQA French Unit 1:A*(60 UMS)
    AQA French Unit 2:A*(60 UMS)
    AQA French Unit 3:A(77 UMS)
    AQA French Unit 4:A(74 UMS)
    AQA Additional Science Unit 4:A*(95 UMS)
    AQA Biology Unit 2:A*(93 UMS)
    AQA Maths Unit 3:A*(116 UMS)
    AQA Further Maths (Non-Calculator):A^(70 Raw Marks)
    AQA Further Maths (Calculator):A^(104 Raw Marks)
    EDEXCEL RE unit 11:B(76 UMS)
    Academic Info
    AQA Geography Unit 4:A*(94 UMS)
    AQA Geography Unit 3:A(83 UMS)
    EDEXCEL Sport Units 1,2, 4 and 20(all A*s(100) if moderation kept them the same but true marks unknown)

    EDEXCEL Maths(A2)
    EDEXCEL Further Maths(A2)
    AQA Geography(AS)
    AQA Physics A(A2)
    I do nothing other than go on TSR.
    nothing extra sorry to disappoint.

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