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  1. Hiya!
    Long time, no speak lol
    Just thought I'd send you a quick hello and see how you're doing. Hope you're well
  2. Hi! I'm a writer for more magazine and we're desperately hunting for tips of places to go in manchester to eat/drink/dance - can you help out?
    corinne.freelance [at] gmail [dot] com
  3. I'm told it's because I laughed at the idea of a 'super-duper smart jesus' :sly:
  4. Ta for the +rep
  5. I'm at sheff uni which ain't bad jst realli dnt wnna go bak lol...r ya originally frm dem ends?
  6. Ooh so in a waii a business woman, cool! Yerr I'm gnna strt lukin fr a placement in a couple ov months, wud b happi wid owt Which uni u at?
  7. Wow it sounds fantastic, wat doez the role involve, nd doez it pay fr all ure expenses?
  8. Aww ure excused, wat u doin abroad? Nd I'm doin accountin at sheff, jst bout t go in my second yr hun
  9. No offence buh ya sound a bit depressed, liven ya self up...I'm in uni, its nt bad, which stage have uu reached?
  10. Aah I thoughtt so, my senses wre tingling innitt...soo hwz education?

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