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  1. :woohoo:
  2. :puppyeyes:
  3. :handkiss:
  4. ah cool, guess not many lol, i picked a new subject for my A2 and like there were only 5 courses left which sucked.. but good luck hope u get good choices
    i actually got rejected for being too short too :cry2:
    your looks will make up for your shortness
    not sure yet but something like working for a football team treating injuries then moving to usa to teach soccer, thats the plan, but with my luck theres definately gonna be unexpected things happening
  5. cool broad subjects i did psychology, sport and economics
    im going to do sport science
    what kind of career u looking to go in to? modeeling perhaps :rolleyes:
  6. haha ok no probs
  7. haha ur right im an idiot :facepalm: yea im gud and u, stunning as usual i bet

    does dat smiley mean tongue or something cos if it does then:cheeky:
    theirs too many smilies lol
  8. cool what A levels u doing? im going manchester this year luckily avoiding the fees :woo:
  9. your very welcome im good too so what uni u in or going to?
  10. how are u? btw u have been voted cutest girl on tsr

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