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  1. If you want One Direction fans, be my guest :hat2:

    On a more important note... top or bottom?
  2. I know what you look like and in fact you are the girl :sexface: Or you look like Harry Styles, which is close enough :teehee:
  3. You know, I am really a pervy old guy in RL Have you been stalking her profile?
  4. Ah, shame! And yeah... I am but I promised someone else on here I'd troll you :teehee:
  5. Where's it from? Makes the man in me go soft/hard :sexface:
  6. Hey babes :hubba: Nice avatar, very pretty :yep:
  7. :lolwut: No
  8. Oh stop it you. :blush: :ahee:
  9. You don't hold back with the questions, do you? :mmm:
  10. Awwwww

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