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  1. Thanks for the rep on that post
  2. Thanks for the rep
  3. Ok awesome, thanks I really can't wait to start, it sounds so interesting :'3
  4. I'm applying there for 2014, but now I'm starting to doubt how much work it really requires you to do... Since I took 5 AS and an EPQ which was quite a lot, so is it more than that or less or about the same?
  5. Hey, just wondering... is studying dentistry actually as much of a work-load as everyone makes it out to be? :P
  6. Sowie for the late message! No, I don't think you need a blood test sweets just the hep b x
  7. sorry that was a question...have you sorted accom. and everything else? (A) x
  8. Firming leeds, insurance Birmingham Sorted accommodation and everything x
  9. Next year we'll be partyinggg it uppp...Yeahh buddy!
  10. Hi I heard you got an interview at Leeds, I got rejected this time but i'll be reapplying next year - just wondering what your stats are (work experience, volunteering, extra curricula activites etc.) have you received an offer? good luck and thank you xx

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    Jennie/Jennifer Ann
    In a hairdressers as a saturday kid
    About me
    Hi i'm Jennie and I want to be a dentist I have a westie called Alfie who is seriously dumb, but you gotta love him I'm currently studying for my A2s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics (I also did EPQ) and predicted AA*AA* respectively.
    I also have a guinea pig called wafer.

    What else did you really need to know??
    Academic Info
    AS levels

    A2: A*AAA

    There's not really too much else atm

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