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  1. USING DELOCALISED MODEL When we are drawing the mechanism drawings for the Friedel Crafts Acylation reactions and also the nitration of benzene, we have to draw a horseshoe thing, right? but what are the rules on the hoseshoe? I don't get how we determine the size of the horseshoe/

    I am not really understanding this idea of racemic mixture. My teacher said: If it is a planar molecule/ group then the attack from either side of the plane is equally likely and hence we get a planar molecule... how do we know what a planar molecule is ? can you explain this concept to me ? pls

    Hello, for the purposes of CHEM 4 AQA A2 level, do we need to know the reactions between benzene and an alkene? is this a synoptic element or something?

    Hello, right now we are studying about proton nmr spectrums in Chemistry and I am getting really confused about this concept of the adjacent carbon atom. You know if there are more than three carbon atoms, how do you safely and for sure decide which the adjacent carbon is going to be? also how do you safely decide, what a different hydrogen envt is going to be >...sometimes I think OK 1 peak only...but then teacher says no 2 peaks.
  2. My interviews on 21st aswell for manchester lol
  3. AishaTara
    Hi anna
    was it you who said u did german?
  4. Happy Birthday!

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