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  1. Yeah I know God is the only one who can give us but it doesnt mean God will help us every thing we ask in this world, if it is like that than whats the use of a second world.
    You may miss one Hadith
    Thanks for those two links
    She will ask how much I get, and I have two choice tell the truth and gives every thing to her or tell a lie and keep some amount with me
    I cant do another job, I work 7 hours a day and I have to study for January exam and getting a job is not easy either.
    I dont think I can express feelings either.
    Yeah I know a super beautiful girl wont marry me, thats why I say I can never marry.
    For me heart doesnt matter that much, if a girl is good and super beautiful than I can marry her otherwise I cant. Because I cant marry some one that I dont feel attractive, if I dont want to do that thing with the girl who marries me than what is the use of marrying some one. I know most of the guys will like to do that with any girl who is not ugly but I cant do it if the girl I marry is not super beautiful.
  2. No, I believe God may help me or maybe not
    Are you sure that you have read all the Hadith
    Yeah I can try reading some basics some times
    Yeah I know she cant angry with me about that if she dont know but I have to lie her about how much I get.
    I dont think real girls will talk to me (only internet girls talk to me). But if a super beautiful girl wants to marry me than I wont say no, I only feels very very beautiful girls attractive, but I respect every one the same whether I feel them attractive or not.
    No there are not arrange marriages here.
    There are not arrange marriages here

  3. Board games were the good old days.. ludo was the best
    Lol.. yup napping is a good idea on long car journeys :yep:
    Wow, your description of things is amazing :congrats: lol...Sounds colourful
    LOL, much envy from me i'll have to visit sometime Yeh you probably would make the UK sound good you've got great english, you should become an english teacher
    Just googled Farsi and found it's a Persian language
    Persia is cool, the movie's are good aswell
    They sound tough, but i'm sure you'll sound clever lol..I enjoyed media back at school. I'm doing Maths, Chemistry, Biology and did Psychology aswell last year.
    Haha me tooo! It's just so competitive, i'm determined to win all the time Are you any good?
    I've played tekken aswell, but nothing beats Call Of Duty
  4. No I ask some things from God and I believe God may help me or maybe not help me.
    I follow the same book and how do you know that's a weak Hadith?
    I read Chemistry book every day and I try very hard to study, but I don't know what are the doughts I have in Chemistry and what are the things I don't know in Chemistry . And I do things other people says to me if I can do that.
    No I work and I even got a job now and I am thinking not to tell my mom how much I get from the job so I can save some amount but I know its not a good thing to do. And I tried very hard to study than maybe I can move to a cold place to live so maybe I can get a happy life but maybe not.
  5. No it doesn't mean I am happy, it means it will be more difficult to me if some one tries to help me before I ask.
    I said God maybe or may not help me in every thing I ask in the world. Maybe God will help me or maybe God wont help me.
  6. a few of my friends*
  7. Lol.. Yeh can't wait for that !
    Oh that's good, Hajj Mubarak to you ! I want to do Hajj sometime in my life aswell, Insha'Allah.
    Aha that must've been tough, travelling in a car all day...but there must have been some great sights to see
    Oh right lol, a few friends of my friends speak Pushto.. i sometimes speak it for a joke when playing football Would be great if i knew a bit more
    That description was totally different from the first one lol..But i know what you mean, same things happening everyday gets boring after a while. Btw, What do you study ?
    Mmmm, chocolate
    Well, i guess england is alryt is good, and then coming home and playing a nice game of football to release some stress And then studying, got my exams in January..
    Haha yes it did :L
  8. does suck, its why i am glad im away from home too hmmmm well u should stop plaing those games then, as stated in your previous message, your not as innocent as u look now cool eod was fine, it was just things i heard when i came back that had happened before and lets just say i had no eidi i like bollywood, there sing songs are quite funny :toofunny: ive never met that many indians tough, only when i came to manchester , my hometown was like a little village of just either arabics or pakistanins and afghanistan so we all just got along with each other yellow eyes :eek: good on u zoya :congrats: teachers who can't teach should be banned haha different how so? but they are nice
    well of course doesn't everyone want to be happy :rolleyes: feelings mutual, i totally forget bout tsr when im not on it but i knw u do in your dreams and sometimes your nightmares im there haha :smug:
    nope lol they are probably my strong points which well no one will understand, its too awesome :cool:
    me too but im knowing the type u are already, u do like being nice to everybody, but i think your tooo reserved, and find it hard to trust ppl, u may put up a front and u probably ananlyse stuff too much but u have a good heart :holmes:
    their really soft in the inside u knw, well considering u would have destroyed my gifts anyway i don't think u'll ever recieve a gift again
    10 rupees and the satisfaction of helping a fellow person
  9. I checked it but I cant see it. From the PM you have the last message and I try to reply for that but cant so thats why I send the answer in a VM and after that you havent replied until after I said to remove me. You can check the view conversation.
    No its not a crime but I think there are many things that no one can help me and if some one tried to help me with some thing like that than its difficult for me.
    What I want to say is I dont want any one to help me if I dont ask to help me first.
    They are nice because they never tried to help me before I ask, they never said I need help and tried to help things that are impossible to me.
    By the way your last message is in a wrong place if that is a message for me but this message is a reply for that.
  10. Zoya Khan
    I replied to you with PM after deleting my stored messages. You can check your inbox. Maybe you missed it.
    Oh, so me trying to help hurts you :sad: It's a crime to help you, right? Everyone else is nicer because they don't help you. That is so intelligent of you

About Me

  • About Zoya Khan

    Zoya Khan
    Where I study
    It's home education
    Star Sign
    About me
    Be nice with me and I'll be 10X as better to you and the best thing that ever happened to you. I'll keep you in my heart forever.

    Mess with me and I'll be 10X as worse and be your worst nightmare. I'll forget all about you but you won't.


    Love is a word so intense, yet so common that people forget its depth that's become so hard to decipher.
    I love the subtle, rose scented breeze rush through my hair and and caress my face,
    Just like the sweeping look of concern by those who care for me.
    The feeling is incomparable to the sweetest sight in the world of those few people who mean the world to me.
    I love the indescribable tranquility while praying.
    It cannot be compared to the cool drizzle and the tantalizing smell of wet sand.
    I love the taste of what feels like ambrosia.
    I love fun,
    I love God and his bounties;
    His favours.
    I love people's work and abilities that awe me
    I love beauty in the true sense.
    Every word of care, courage and sincerity spoken to me,
    Triggers oceans of love in me,
    Ready to overflow,
    Like the lovely golden sun-rays flooding over the sea, embracing the amber horizon through the purple-red tinged clouds.

    The physical energy of love is so beautiful and powerful there's nothing negative about it and it can heal the deepest of wounds. We just need to embrace it.

    Written By:
    Zoya Khan

    Sadly, I've learned not to trust anymore or waste my love on those who don't deserve it...
    I thoroughly enjoy taking part in sports like Martial arts(Kung Fu), hiking, badminton, football/soccer, volleyball.
    I also love to spend my time with close friends and family as well as in social events, cooking, eating, singing/songs/music, tv, playstation, reading, writing, chatting, travelling, meeting new people, making new friends and social work. I can't help but be avengeful as it's part of me although I try to quell it up, but at the same time I'm also a spiritual person so I also like to make time for making a connection with myself and God while praying when I'm alone.
    I'm the kind of girl who'd sleep while watching Titanic or Twilight. I'd rather read or watch good romance or some good action/thriller/suspense/adventure/comedy.
    Another more intense poem by Zoya Khan about love:


    It’s Love

    Like a tsunami of fire that can engulf you in an alien fashion,
    Gushes of water that could drown you in familiar, intense passion,
    So pure, so torrid, you’d want more;
    Desires galore;
    So magnetic, you’d be compelled,
    Unleashing whatever that’s quelled.
    Through the hush,
    That suss;
    Like sparking a firework,
    And believe me, it won’t just be a quirk.

    So bright,
    So light;
    Like you’ve never witnessed- the calmness,
    That radiance you’d have let harness;
    Gamuts of glory and hope,
    Plumes of joy- you don’t need to grope;
    Just to faith, hold on.
    The secret is to go on.

    It’s that joy, that ecstasy, like a waft of spring breeze,
    Like the kiss of summer air that makes restlessness cease,

    Like and unlike anything in the universe,
    Novelty so unique, so diverse;
    The scent to which you need to open your doors;
    It’s a realm which reflects the opposite of all fears.
    It’s easy to talk about its gravity,
    And not its infinity.
    It’s not gonna be tragic, my dear,
    When you open yourself to magic so near.
    It’s love, my dear, it’s love,
    Waiting to be set free my dear, just like a trapped dove…

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