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  1. Wow - I always assumed that it was just an exaggeration, but clearly not. The dairy and grocery prices being much higher does go some way to explain why he was so amazed at our prices, which are fairly expensive for the UK. I didn't ask whereabouts in Norway he was from, sadly.

    I would love to visit Norway, it looks beautiful, but I don't think I could muster up enough money to go anytime soon. We have a mock norwegian forest that was built on top of a disused coal-pit site near my house, but obviously, it's not quite the same.

    London is also somewhat expensive, it becomes even cheaper for clothes and groceries in the smaller cities, or in the north. Your point about the student support available is interesting, too, because I think here in the UK living costs for students are estimated at about £6000-£8000 a year. Your post was extremely helpful, thank you
  2. Hey, we haven't talked before, but I noticed you created the Birmingham thread. Do you know where you're going yet? Sorry for the random message.
  3. Just a quick question - are things really as expensive as people say they are in Norway?
    We had a customer from Norway yesterday who bought loads and loads of muffins, because he couldn't believe how "cheap" they were compared to where he lived in Norway, and he was telling us the cost of things like alcohol compared to ours. I realise it's an odd question, sorry
  4. puuh good to know i didn't offend you now i can sleep tight again
    happy new year btw and i hope you had great holidays
  5. hi stifa
    just pm u with some advice regarding ur degree choices.Wuish you best of luck with everything ^_^
  6. hey
    i haven't offended you or anything? 'cause i intend to do that sometimes, when i am a bit cranky and had to little sleep...o.O
    if i did, i am very sorry
  7. I thought i could but i checked and i was too late :/ If it comes to it and i do get higher grades than my university i can try for adjustment. Might not be many places left but we'll see
  8. I have no idea actually, all I know is I need to sign up for two different courses at the least. Because the medicine one uses a lottery system I have to sign up for a back-up course which doesn't use it. But I think it's only a matter of filling in forms, don't think it'll take as much as applying to British ones.
  9. Yes, it's a lot of work isn't it? Especially considering I also need to apply for Dutch unis! Enschede is pretty far away from where I live, I'd say about 2 hours drive so I wouldn't know her
  10. Oh that sounds interesting! I'm currently in 6vwo, so I'm a 2012 applicant. I need to have my UCAS all sorted out before 15th of October though, so that's why I've been spending my summer signing up to it, getting my choices in order, registering for UKCATs and BMAT, writing my personal statement and emailing a whole bunch of people

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