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  1. Hey ) I need AAA and im sitting on AAAB gona re-sit the B this thursday just need to move up by 8marks and the rest is OK I came first in the year group for 2 A's and 3rd in the last one so should be OK! hopefully il see u there then haha )

    And thanks for the info! I was more referring to my girlfriend so thats all good!! thanks again! I hope u keeping well
  2. Hey how u doin? Do you remember me? So yea, I got my offer! And I wanted to ask you whats the situation like with family or any other visitors..on the website it says some rooms can be rent for about £31..Is it the only way my family or e.g. girlfriends/boyfriends can come and visit? Because many people I know that are in other unis claim people can simply stay in their room with them or rent rooms..for less than £31!!!
  3. Oh yea thats right people move out in second year..what u find better? living at the college or out? Hmmm yea i used to but way back ages ago..i would say im friendly enough so even if i would end up with an annoying roommate i wouldnt really mind...thats life heh
  4. So the other colleges live in sort of a house but Jo butler is more like flats??
    Oh so u got room only for urself? i dnt really care if il share or not, however having a very annoying roommate can be quite stressful...dnt u feel bit lonely if ur there just by urslef tho?
    whats ur name if i may ask?? and how are u anyway?
  5. Yep and I'm going to university next year so no cats for a long while it seems! Oh man that sucks but I guess it wouldn't really be practical having one there. I guess there are always about a billion cat youtube videos to fill daily cat quotas - although its not nearly as good as having the real thing, it always makes a better day :P
  6. hehe ) im just watching some disturbing stuff on the internet
    really?so ur very unlike me im almost always late...but i sleep on average for 4hrs so maybe thats why lol...oh i u play any sports or are u involved in any society? btw do u share room or not? no idea at all!! haha no idea..was thinking of clinical psychology but god knows..wbu?
  7. haha i was wondering what took u so long! u got much work to do??!!
    hah true
    Yea fair enough i would enjoy that too but sure u have meals 3 times a day at fixed times so u HAVE to go...and i would possibly rather do something else do u have friends from other colleges too?? for A2 Eng lit, Psych, business studies.. gona resit german only few marks up to an A..duno why i did german..with german that adds to 4 languages i can speak so i thought i may look good on my cv haha
  8. Yes it is a bit confusing but I am getting better haha
    Ok Ok well il defo tell her tomoro cuz we are off the next week so last chance and I really really hope she will do it haha! but shes a bit lazy :L
    Oh hehe i another concern are my A2 subjects..i am dropping the 4th one and doin only 3, as they ask..but from reading comments of other people i would say majority does 4...but im not in england/wales or scotland so our A levels are the hardest haha
    Yea it is my first choice too...i was really focusing on Durham, not so much on the rest...
    Yea i better cook for myself...haha I cant imagine myself living on a 3 meals a day haha
  9. Aww well at least you get to see him when you go home! I have to go to a friends house to get close to a cat and that's never as fun as having your own. Are you in a house then, not halls? Maybe you can get one if the landlords ok with it!
  10. Haha, I know, it makes me want a cat more and more every time I see it, it seriously never gets boring. What kind of cat did you have?

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