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  1. Hey Jemine! How is everything?
  2. Haha thank you I had to think hard about what I wanted, as I didn't have one for so long. In the end it was pretty obvious - goes with the name! Thanks for noticing
  3. Thank you, your advice is genius! Even if I'v heard the same thing over and over again. I dont know why but the way you said it really got to me. Thanks a lot!!!
  4. Hi. can you tell me the best way for a visual learner to remember loads of information.
  5. No worries, and I'd only just posted it really!
  6. Hey Jemine1 :hi:

    It's really difficult to say at this point... this is the first year of the new system as you may know, so we still currently have no idea how many UCAS points are required for an interview.
    At this point if you want to consider BL then keep it in mind. Then you can decide over summer when should hopefully know what the UCAS tariff cut off was for this year, and be able to analyse it from there :yy:
    Good luck with the AS's, especially if you have january exams!
  7. hey. no the exam situation doesn't really ever happen. it's a combination of things such as having too big of a year so they wanted to cut down the number of students (standard class is 240ish students...our year had 280). i too was shocked at how the school handled this; however, we'll see if they take any action on what has happened in the new year. anyone who fails any exam is allowed resits. we have a 3 strike rule. You can fail 3 times before you'll be kicked out from the course.

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