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  1. Hey! I noticed quite a while ago you made a thread about choosing between Durham or Bristol for Psychology and Philosophy, just wondering which one did you end up choosing? I'm in EXACTLY the same position haha! Also if you did choose one are you enjoying the course? Any advice would be really appreciated because I'm completely torn between the two!
  2. found you and yeh, such a coincidence...... I read your post on the offers thread and saw Durham, Bristol, Reading in you're signature and was like "hmmmm...." lol :P You'll probs be hearing from the college soon, people on here have been saying they here back about 2 weeks after their offer??
    I'm thinking you'll deffo find out before the visit day My friend got an offer recently for biological sciences or something like that, I'll tell her to look out for you if I havn't heard from Durham by then lol

    I know, it is really strange Bristol gave you such a high offer :O so you're deffinitley not going to Bristol then??
  3. Lol, such a coincidence I am from Cardiff yeah
    Yeah, I'm crossing both fingers and I'd be happy with Bristol too.
    what's your facebook??
    Definitely hoping for an offer from Durham, really want to go to the visit day but I don't know whether they'll contact me in time :/
  4. yeah that's what I was thinking too I did go to the Bristol visit day so we did probably meet I don't quite remember what everyone was wearing but are you the girl I was with for most of the day from London?? And we were with another girl who I think was called Phoebe?? I had the conversation you described with her so I'm thinking that's who you are??

    yeah I did apply to castle and you have an offer from Durham at collingwood if you're the girl I'm thinking of!
    TSR is really good learned so much about my uni choices and courses from it
  5. Yeah I applied for Philosophy and Psychology Still waiting on an answer from Durham, but I applied to Bristol, Dundee, Queen's Belfast and Oxford
    What about you?

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    Friendly, sociable can be quiet at times but love meeting new people, quite strange but nevertheless... Currently addicted to Chamomile Tea and old re-runs of True Blood. Oh and TSR of course.
    Academic Info
    6 A*s, 5 As, 1 B and 1 C at GCSE
    + 2 Distinctions in OCR Nationals

    3As (English Lit, Religious Studies and Psychology) & 1C (Biology boo!) at AS.

    Pending A2 Results, fingers crossed

    I'm applying to Durham, Bristol, Nottingham, Exeter and Reading for 2012 entry to study joint honours Psychology and Philosophy.

    Bristol- A*AA Offer
    Nottingham- AAB Offer
    Reading- AAB Offer
    Exeter- A*AA Offer
    Durham (Collingwood)- AAA Offer (WHOOPPPPP)

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