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  1. Hello,
    What sort of things did you get asked in your interview at ucl? REALLY APPRECIATED! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  2. I hope it was because you enthusiastically supported the campaign to ban Page 3.

    Why don't you come on - no longer a student? Or just not interested enough?
  3. Ha, it's nice getting a rep a few months after posting something - that Page 3 thread was a really stormy one!
  4. lmao. true gurrrrrl Im glad dat hoe is dead, nam sayin'? :mad:

    I love stalking :evilbanana:

    Ive bought you some flowers :flowers:
  5. :sexface:
    You said you were giving up on TSR but you've last posted 20 mins ago I'm unimpressed :unimpressed:
  6. lol dont worry ive only beein in ur class once
  7. yh i saw ur peng picture
  8. im too peng to talk to u pls xoxox lool :plz2:
  9. Hating me and liking my posts are two different things. It could be that im just a legend though. :dontknow: Does it make you feel special and unique that youre the only one that doesn't? :mmm:
  10. Hi how're you? How's life? Best wishes.

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