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  1. Hi Sunder,
    Going into Y13 in Sept., looking into CS @ Cambridge (possibly Churchill, unsure), couple of questions if you wouldn't mind:
    1) Do you think doing the CS with maths option advantages students for part IB and II and/or masters/Ph.D courses? I ask because I feel doing the physics option may help me to apply CS to the real world / tackle problems in a job, but I haven't done a CS course or had a job involving CS, so that's mostly speculation
    2) Do colleges typically expect higher calibre students for the CS w/ maths option? e.g. do I have less chance of getting in? I see some let you apply for CS + maths, but if you miss your STEP offer admit you for NatSci, in your experience, is getting an offer for CS + maths harder than getting one for CS + NatSci?
    3) For CS, how much of what you do in the William Gates Building? I see Churchill is quite near it, but away from the city centre, would it be more advantageous to be more central?
    4) Any general comments you have on Churchill or Pembroke (if you know anyone that went there, can't decide between these two colleges )

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Sorry for posting this here, but your inbox was full.
    I'd like to post the MUN update tomorrow (probably tomorrow evening). Could you please say whether or not Ukraine is willing to also join the League for the hyp?
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply.

    Nah, at least not yet. But it's fun. I do hope to be in some day.

    Oh now I get it. I've a friend who settled there. She too graduated much earlier than the rest of us in Mauritius.

    Your course is quite impressive. Congrats. I do hope to get into some research too. What is your research about, by the way?
  4. Hey, I absolutely loved your thread "Statement from the People's Republic of China [Tongue-in-Cheek]"! Cool one. ;D

    But there is something I cannot understand. Don't mind me asking.

    You did your BA and MPhil and are a research assistant at 22? That must've taken you at least 5 years...
  5. No problem, I've got years before I actually come to this anyway :P.

    I agree with you that comp sci is more beneficial and also more enjoyable in my view. What do you think of the course? May I also ask you what college you're at and how you're finding that? By the sounds of things, I think that mingling with girls from other courses may be the right way to find a non-virtual girlfriend, haha.

    I think learning Chinese could be difficult but nevertheless I'd love to be able to speak it and I'll have the time in the summer so why not?!

    Sorry for being so inquisitve.
  6. I just love your 'About me' section. It's so positive
  7. I'm in my final year of GCSE's and am getting mainly A* with some A's. My A level choice are physics, maths, further maths and biology. As for extras, I've recently being programming an android application (which is in Java) but from reading some personal statements there are people making text based operating systems and winning international olympiads! :yikes: . Do you mind showing me your personal statement?

    My other concern is whether this is a comp sci degree with a bit of maths or a maths degree with a bit of comp sci! From the sounds of things, it's swaying towards the latter. I know I may be exaggerating and I realise that actually percentages are much less but I'd be applying for the comp sci, not the maths. I'm starting to question whether this course is for me. Don't get me wrong I like maths and I'm fairly good at it but I don't want an overload of pure maths. What's your opinion on this?

    Can I also ask what the interview stage is like? I've heard you have to sit a reasoning type exam and also answer questions based on an algorithm they show you. Looking at the example reasoning test, it doesn't exactly look a breeze.

    Btw, I see you're chinese. Any advice on learning the language? I'm thinking of learning it in the summer
  8. Hi SunderX, I'm about a year and a half away from applying to Universities. I'm getting good grades at school but obviously grades aren't enough for Universities like Cambridge. Reading some example personal statements for CS, all of the successful applicants have completed some sort of project or impressive feat. With a year and a half time frame and a fairly decent knowledege of Computing, I was wondering what sort of projects would you suggest me trying? Furthermore, what advice would you give for maximising my chances to get accepted for Cambridge? Any books/ resources you could reccommend?

  9. oh i'm from china too. Can you speak chinese? I think i may need some advices on accommodation as im going to apply for it soon..
  10. so, you are in Jesus? i'm going there in Oct...I want to know someone living there before i go

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