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  1. bleeeeurgh revision :/ I got it xx
  2. Wooo now we only have to get our grades :L My name is the same as my user name on here so feel free to add me if you want Silly spelling, blame my parents xx
  3. WOOO I got an AAA offer from Bristol what did you get??Xx
  4. Wow that sounds like a pretty random course, didnt even know you could do an A level in that! :L I did Music at AS but dropped for A level. Do you have facebook?xx
  5. Mine are spread over six days with a weekend somewhere in the middle ... I am soooooo fed up of revision at the mo! My first exam is the 20th so got ages yet :P SO did you take any other subjects other than biol, chem and maths?x
  6. Oh my god, same, I used to live in the sticks completley but now living in a tiny town! Yup, I have chem, biol and maths You?x
  7. Well thats alright then haha saaaame, I'm stil in a state of disbelief! I had a few cockails with a friend then we went to the pub and sang ald lang syne in the sleet outside Wales is lovely, don't think I'm going to like living in a city!xx
  8. yeeeh, I was wondering how the night life would work out in Nottingham, being so for out. I'm pretty sure they manage it though! Bristol is waaay easier to get to from Wales (where I'm form!) ... and tbh I dont think I'll get another offer, I feel over the moon with just the one! Happy new year, hope you have a good celebration tonight xx
  9. Yeh, suppose not. So wheres your first choice? Mine was Nottingham, but I really liked Bristol! x
  10. Haha I know it sounds really geeky but I quite enjoyed it ... but thats probably just with the luxury of hindsight :P Well I'm hoping AAA and they obvs like us cause otherwise we'd have been put on hold, so I think we have a better chance than anyone else. I wonder how many people of the 90 they interviewed they gave places to straight away x

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