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  1. I'm starting to see a pattern emerging here. I do admit to being a little bit impressed but don't let it go to your head.

    Yes it will. Although if it's not I won't have to nag for progress pictures right?

    We did both pick useful courses. I have a feeling that I'll be hassling you to talk to me about meteorology quite a bit though. May as well start now - what's a thundersnow?

    5'7, how tall are you?
  2. It is nice, I really enjoy it. I love it when things like that happen. Or when you put on a jacket you haven't worn in ages and discover the pockets are full of money.

    It sounds like a really nice tattoo, it must be frustrating having to wait so long between sessions though.

    I looked at the meteorology course on Reading website and I have to say it looks absolutely brilliant. I'm starting to wonder if I'm on the wrong course From what it says, I take it you're quite into your maths and physics?
  3. Of course I'm right

    Lol, I really wouldn't go that far, I only 'teach' a small group of 5-8 year olds. Yeah it was a good show, I tend to aim for a safer version of the same thing with the kids. I usually come home completely exhausted and covered in varying types colourful, stain-happy stuff. I really have no idea how the battery got there, I think it will probably remain a mystery.

    I actually think I don't have enough routine. I have nothing I need to do on a daily basis, just the odd few work shifts, plus the day at the school and a mountain of stuff other people need me to do for them. It's amazing how busy you get when you have nothing to do. I'm really looking forward to next year.

    Exciting, will that finish up the outlining? Of course you're required to post a picture afterwards.
  4. Cyclo
    Lol. Of course. You're completely right. I had no idea. I'll put my hand up and say that i'm in the wrong. I feel so bad Really ? Is that so ? News to me...

    So you're a kind of a teacher then. Cool. Ha ha.. Did you ever watch Brainiac ? Awesome show. Interesting incident. Not been experimenting with your tights before now and forgot to check the contents ? My life isn't that great at the moment either. Too much routine. I like to keep active and fit so at least I don't feel like a slob lol More footy later. No I didn't, just rain. Gutted. I was aware of what was going on, but they couldn't make it this far north :mad:

    Get paid on Friday so I can book in another 2 hours on my tat. Can't wait. Feels too incomplete at the moment.
  5. That's what you'll think.

    :laugh: Painfully selfless, selfish b******. It wasn't that you were being punished for not being a mind reader, you were being punished for wanting to do whatever it was you wanted to do whenever it was you wanted to do it instead of what she wanted you to want to do. It's simple really Lol, I've learned that life's a lot easier when you just spell things out when it comes to guys. Unless they're chasing after you - then they mysteriously don't act so confused anymore.

    I was making little circuits this morning (soon to be LED alien metal-detector brains) for a school science club I do and I just found a little tiny battery in the foot of my tights This is a great conundrum that will probably keep me awake tonight as I have no life at the moment. Speaking of last night, did you have storms where you were? I was still awake 2am with my room lighting up every few minutes with lightening.
  6. Cyclo
    Well I will be. Especially when you get cold.

    lol. Exactly. This more a case of someone discovering something about someone rather than them revealing it.

    In actual fact probably the opposite of what I believe. You know what women are like I've been accused of doing what I wanted to when I wanted to instead of doing something else that I should have somehow read their mind and found out what I was supposed to be doing. So selfish b****** would strangely enough be tagged on to me lol.
  7. That's fine, I don't mind you thinking you're in control.

    Hmm, I guess that's better than 'I'm just too damn selfless'! Though it's still easily forgivable and slightly endearing. Not really sure what I'm getting at either, I was just going for something a bit more revealing. I think everybody struggles to list their flaws because we're encouraged to focus on our good attributes from our very fist ice breaker game on our first day of school.

    Ok, let me think...seeing as this is proving difficult let's play a new game. What would your ex say if they were complaining about you? I'm trusting you to be equally honest!
    If I've done something wrong I find it really hard to own up to it unless I'm completely caught out. *hangs head in shame* Of course I'd come clean if it was a serious situation or it affected my relationship with somebody but if it's something minor I'll never confess! I don't know whether it's because I feel a need to get away with it or because I can't stand people thinking I'm a bad person but either way it's a pretty strong compulsion My ex hated this about me because he was the total opposite and would always own up to stuff bravely.
  8. That's okay, I'm the tent whisperer. I'll let you handle the fire then so that you don't feel completely emasculated in this camping scenario.

    :laugh: Too selfless. Yep, exactly like that. Joking aside though I would have said the same thing about myself. Most of the time accommodating others needs is fine until you're in a relationship and then it can start to take its toll.

    So would you give me a genuinely unattractive flaw if I promised to do some really hard thinking and try to come up with one too?
  9. You live in an urban chaos? Ick In Peru, on turtle beach, we would lay out our sleeping bags on the sand and watch the stars until the 3am shift came around. You could see the horizon all the way around the island, it felt like being in a giant dome. That was the best sky I've ever seen. It seems I'll have to drag you camping sometime.

    Okay, well you already took 'interesting full stop'. I'm finding this unusually hard... I'm understanding and empathetic almost to a fault. I love laughing and take pleasure in the tiniest things. Of course based on this conversation I have to say adventurous and outdoorsy too. That's all you're getting, can't give too much away right?

    So if you weren't so unreadable what else would people say about you? Oh and what's your worst quality?
  10. Wow, really?! I am surprised - and mentally ripping in to you.

    Is that a promise? It would be interesting to meet a guy who I couldn't read.

    Aren't you watching the big Manchester game?

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