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  1. Bullshizzle! Long time no speak!

    Were results kind to you?
  2. I have no idea to be perfectly honest... I'll just go with the flow

    What about you?

    And I'll be seeing you in London then
  3. Because it was Halloween? and nice! Did you have the moves 'n' all?

    I received an invitation to an interview at ICL yesterday and the MAT went OK....-ish
  4. Pretty amazing to be honest! :yep: I don't know whether I feel lucky or not I got out of there before all the snow

    It is quite depressing when people get an offer for the same university as you and for the same course as you too But his UCAS was sent off before mine soooo....

    I bet you're out trick or treating, aren't you? :teehee:
  5. How is UCAS going?

    I've been in NYC for a number of days so haven't been very active here :ninja:
  6. Yes, yes I have, it was supposed to be a joke :facepalm:
  7. Theres no such thing as 50/50.

    Its a new generation. Girls work. Guys dont.

    Plus im a chav, can't afford house maid.
  8. See what i mean!
    When i get married, i'll make sure tmy husband does all the houseowork.
    Why do you call him 'husband', assuming he's your step dad?
  9. American Classic :cool:

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