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  1. Yeah i can definitely reccomend bristol as a city in general.. it has a bit of everything really! Nice insurance, i very nearly applied to southampton, wish i had really! I'm doing History, English lit, and biology... also did Chemistry last year, which was literally hell! How about you?
  2. I'm still considering UCL (SSEES), and Cardiff as an insurance as i love the city! Yeah i know the area, will be great to be so close to Clifton! The modules do sound good, and its good to know it doesn't seem stuck up as theres been so much going round about how snobby its meant to be on tsr recently, i was getting a tad worried! What have you insured?
  3. Hiya, i'm a fellow bristol firmer (well about 99% sure i will), But i'm not sure i'm able to go to any of the open days days anymore. I live near Bristol, so have seen the uni lots, i was just wondering what you thought the feel of the history department itself is like? Cheers
  4. Oh, you think so? That's a shame! I'm into that whole movement for change thing though... really like the political climate of Apartheid Africa too!

    What are you interested in mainly, then?
  5. We're on OCR... Not sure whether it's History A or B though! Yeah my teacher, who's the Head of History, specialises in Modern European History so it makes sense for him to teach Russia and Germany at A2 since he knows so much about it!

    I love modern European history, but wish I could swap to yours and do the Civil Rights movement etc... love social history and movements for change!

    (I posed this on my own page by accident... oops!)
  6. Looks like you're a lucky one! In trying not to focus on what I'd read too much in my personal statement, I ended up leaving out that part completely - so I literally wrote nothing about what I'd read, just about my passions and views on things! So I think it was probably my PS that got me the AAA as opposed to your AAB! Very jealous of that!!!

    Yeah, we do the A2 Russia exam in January - most schools do it in June. My teacher says that it gives us the chance to retake it if needs be! It's nice to have that second chance, I think. Just incase!

    I've just started the Nazi Germany coursework - how about you?
  7. Oh, amazing! Because my teachers put down such high predictions for me, my Head of Sixth did warn me that the more prestigious uni's wouldn't offer me much below my predicitions, as it would be "underachieving" apparently - which sucks!! So I'm AAA but dead pleased with that anyway!

    Yeah - I've had one so far, and I have one on thursday. I had my History exam on the 26th, which was the OCR Russian Rulers 1855-1964 topic. How about you?
  8. I'm either going to insure Sussex for AAB, or Kent for ABB - I love both, so can't decide! Not too sure on the location of Sussex though. How about you?

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